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New School
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Dark, Soulful Power and Beauty
"Bel's melodic feminine contributions feel like "psychedelic folk" to me, haunting and eerie in their dark, soulful power and beauty."

---SilverDrake Fey, on the recording sessions in Texas, 2000
Great Music
"Saw a link for this artist posted to the Dreamtrybe list. Very glad I checked it out. I don't usually like listening to music over the web, especially new stuff, but these were some excellent songs. Listened to all of them twice! Can't pick out my favorite just yet but they were all wonderful. Fantastic work, Beltana! Best of luck to you in your continuing career."


--- from Chalice, 2/20/04 on MP3.com.au/beltana
Splendidly Woven Lyrics
On the Gypsy Song: "This Beltana tune will magickally transport you into a gypsy camp..."

On the song, Tate's Dream: "Splendidly woven lyrics and haunting music..."

On the song, Land of the Sidhe: "Considered Beltana's best "pagan song" to date. Beware: you may put yourself at risk listening to this song under a sycamore tree..."

----- Cernowain Greenman, from the website http://members.aol.com/cernowain9/cern/cern.html
CMA Beltane 2001
From the show with SONA: "SONA, a trio of pagan musicians, plays a delightful blend of bluegrass to rock-a-billy"
-- --- Don Waterhawk, in a festival review at the WVOX website, 4/19/01
Heartland 2001

From a review of the show: "Friday night kicked off with a great performance by SONA! Many thanks to Beltana, Joe Sr., Joe Jr., for their energy and for the smiles they provided that night. It is always a joy to hear you play."
----- Don Waterhawk, from the festival review at WVOX on 6/2/01