Late Night (Buy 1 Get 3 Free)
Hip Hop
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"I can honestly say that I was never a country music fan, but I was lucky enough to get to hear the advance version of the new CD and it is great. Even if your not a country or traditional fan, Tommy John's new CD bridges the gap. Great songs about what it's like to grow up and live in the flatlands of Saskatchewan and the prairies. I wouldn't even call the new CD country music either, except that the theme of the CD and the songs is about the country. Some of the tracks are folk rock, some are new country, and a few are more traditional. If your a fan of all music and not afraid to step out of the hard rock for a bit, then Tommy John Ehman's new CD is for you."
--Rich Embury, Owner/Program director, Radio306.com, Saskatchewan's best internet radio station