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Refections From The Inner Light - Review
Reflections From The Inner Light is the debut album from Create aka Steve Humphries.

A self released Cdr with Berlin School music influenced by Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze (who else?) with the occasional nod to modern electronic beats.

Four of the seven tracks are between 9 and 14 min
long in good Berlin School tradition, which gives them plenty of time to develop naturally, with the appropriate sequencers and synth riffs blenidng in with drums and special effects, exactly the way you'd expect.

For fans of rolling sequences, Mellotrons and space chords the album fits like a glove.
However with the exception of Surface Control, which uses some sort of human vocal to add texture, maybe a middle eastern chanting sample.

Reflections From The Inner Light does not offer anything beyond what you'd expect from a Berlin School retro album. I guess in retro terms that is the meaning, to revisit what the old days sounded like, but music is creativity, and even the artists name suggests that something has been created, and i find that the original touch that would set the album apart from many others in the genre is lacking.

Reflections From The Inner Light shows talent in composition and structure, but a good producer is need for the next album.

Musicians Note - I would just like to add that since Glenn reviewed Reflections From The Inner Light the Cdr has now been kindly remastered by Steve Grace in the USA.

--Glenn Folkvord/Electronic Shadows/April 2004
Reflections From The Inner Light Cdr Review
Create - Reflections From The Inner Light 2004
7 tracks Running Time 69.09

Create is one of the newest members of the EM scene, Steve Humphries from the UK.
The opening track "Narissa" is a tribute to Airsculpture, and Steve does an admirable job of playing homage to them.
The atmospheric beginning, the sequence fading in, the high thin lsynth lead are all traits of Airsculpture's signature sound, their essence adeptly distilled without being blatantly copied.
If anything, Steve adds a few extra layers and touches, keeping the music moving along a bit more.
If Airsculpture were to add a few techno elements and a bit more structure, the end result might sound very much like "Dark Skies" the catchy second no. "Touching The Void" swooshes in on solar wind, joined by pads and the berlin school staple, mellotron flute.
Once the steady beat and sequence come on, this 14 min track catches it's groove and rides it out to the end in fine form.
"Medusa starts with some cool knob twisting, then those beautiful flutes enter again. This time, the rhythm and electronics seem to stutter step around each other, slightly out of step but in a good way.
"Surface Control" picks up speed quicker than most, a brisk toe tapper with yet another variety of electronic elements seamlessly joined together in very entertaining fashion.
The formula for the last two tracks is very much the same, but in each and every case it works so well.

Is there room for yet another entrant into the berlin school? Most Definitely!

Reviewed by Phil Derby for ElectroAmbient Space Magazine 2004

--Phil Derby/ElectroAmbient Space Magazine/April 2004