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san francisco @ nite - what's rockin' sf w/alisha amnesia
There are few bands besides those at the Shakedown that I want to mention. First of all, a new band in San Francisco who are worth checking out are The Lustkillers. Singer/ Guitarist Adam, along with Guitarist Billy; are both members of American Heartbreak. Drummer, Greg McEntee is in the Swingin' Utters. Bassist and youngest member, Chuck Worthy, has been in several bands in the past, none with as big a name as the aforementioned, but nevertheless; he is also very talented. They describe themselves as: "Dead Boys meet Rocket from the Crypt." I think the influences of this band are an interesting mix. Some of them I share (Heartbreakers, Generation X, Dead Boys, Plasmatics), and other than the fact that they rock in their own right, I think those basic influences are part of the reason I dig this band. They obviously aren't afraid to take some risks, having horns in a dirty primal rock act. Their tunes are a bit contagious. Listen to MP3s on their website or check 'em out if they make it through your town. Currently they 're on hiatus because American Heartbreak and Swingin' Utters are touring, but they will be back in full force sometime around December or January
straight from a DeadBoy
Adam, the guy singin on the two Dead Boys tunes sounds soooo much like Bators it's spoooooky! A voice from beyond......
--Jeff Magnum- The DeadBoys
Hey there,
I've been quiet for a long time and there's not much to say about the Lords these days, right?
Being a lazy guy I need a lot of motivation to come here and type some words in a clumsy English, but today the motivation is there as
I just got to listen to an advance copy of the LUSTKILLERS "Black Sugar Sessions" album.

OK, you all know this already, but just as a friendly reminder, the band is fronted by ADAM BECVARE (vocals & guitars) who is also on
vocals & guitar with the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH.
What can I say about ADAM expect that when I was lucky enough to see him onstage with Dave T and Brian J I was totally blown away by his
perfomance. Memorable nights I can tell you. Adam sings & plays with his heart and guts, he's not around for fame & glory or to fulfill any 'I wanna be a rockstar' ego. He's there because its in his blood. And that's what we all felt when we saw him in Europe with the LORDS.

To talk about the BLACK SUGAR SESSIONS album all I need to say is that it features 8 smashing tracks that would make Stiv Bators proud.
I would even dare saying that, to me, there's more of Stiv's spirit in that record than in the most recent LORDS recordings.

I had already heard some of this songs and I loved them , but I can tell that the last mixes are even better and sounds great with back vocals and everything. If you needs proof of Adam's talent in songwriting just surf to the band website and check out some lyrics.
The 8 tracks sit next to each other greatly and its such a pleasure to listen. There's no rip off, only great songs and no filler. I wish more bands would take it as an example.
I'm 200% enthusiastic about this album and it had been a long time since I hadn't been that thrilled by a record. I just can't stop digging it.
If you don't like it, then there's no hope for rock'n roll.
As for myself I do LOVE it, and truly believe that LUSTKILLERS is a band that should caught your attention. I know the release of this CD will be a blast, no need for a fortuneteller to tell me this.

--Thomas Goze
Ian Flemming
"Some love is fire, some love is rust but the fiercest cleanest love is lust."
--Ian Flemming
I finally got around to popping "Black Sugar Sessions" in this morning and was immediately impressed.
Quite honestly, it's the most exciting Promo, I've heard in a long time! Right from the start,
I thought: Black Halos, Dead Boyz/Lords, and Devil Dogs.

Checked out the website and confirmed that indeed the band does draw from these
influences (and more) of many of my own ALL TIME FAVES including Hanoi Rocks,
Thunders, Godfathers, D-Gen.
Can't remember the last time I heard a demo that was so REAL rock.

Ron Platzer
Director of Broadcast Services & Events
Jeff McClusky & Associates

--Ron Platzer
LustKillers Live
Killer punk makes out with party thrash in the minds and mouths of the Lust Killers, which include members of the Swingin' Utters and American Heartbreak. These clean-cut kitsch kids bid you to worship at the altar of Johnny Thunders, Jim Carroll and Hanoi Rocks at this Stinky's Peepshow production.
--SG GATE - Music and Nightlife