Long Time Love
I have been enjoying Michael's music @ for many years.

He has a great style that I enjoy during R&R time with my favorite someone. Kicking back in the yard after a long week or snuggling up... Michael's music is inspiring, romantic and nostalgic. Gives me the warm fuzzies!

Keep it coming Dude... You just keep getting better all the time!

A great addition to MySpace-ers!!


--Luna Wolf MySpace Reviews
Smooth is the word
Easy to get caught up in a Michael Peace song, cos of the smooth vocals and controlled vibrato. Then you forget he is also an excellent guitarist as a number of tracks on this substalntail album will prove. What you have here is one of those rare albums hard to come by these days.

Furthermore, Michael gives it to you straight from the heart, honest, down to earth, and that isa rarity these days. It is what makes Michael's artistry so magical, so appealing. So how can you not respond to this Keeper Of Dreams?

--Reviewer: Bryan Anthony
Nailed It "Looking through My Eyes"
What a wonderful CD! I have listened to it for hours on my computer CD while I enter data and edit graphic art projects. I have it set on repeat so it loops through all 16 tracks over and over.
Michael, you sure have nailed a lot of good tracks together here. I haven't heard you sing in a long time and it's really good to have this great CD. You really did a great job of production, short of going out and hiring the London Symphony Orchestra to back you up! -- George Moses
-- --POH Publications Brighton, MI
Variety Factor
I own a couple of Michaels cds... I believe him to be a truly talented artist. His style of music varies from song to song, which in my opinion is a strong point. Most artists tend to "max out" to a single style after a few tunes. If you havent taken time to listen to Peace, you are in fact missing out. Great vocals, harmonies, and interesting chord progressions are in store for you... I rate him and his unique style a 10.....
--Website: OUToTune Music
His Music Speaks Love
Well, Michael's music speaks for itself, so it's difficult to write a review without using too many superlatives. I've been a fan, but I'm becoming more and more of one with each song and each new CD that's released. The music is relaxing, soothing, peaceful to the mind and soul.

Michael's voice is like soft can almost feel it reach out and touch your heart. Can't say enough - this is a sure winner, and I'm looking forward to many more! I'd like to thank Michael for the wonderful creations he shares with us and his impeccable use of his God-given talents! Sincerely, Jackie Bartels

--Website: Angel Watcher Web
Purrr fection
The evening is set-- candle-lit dinner, the perfect wine, a roaring fire and the ideal companion. All you need to make the night complete is a copy of Looking Through My Eyes, a new release by recording artist, Mike Peace.
--- Viewzone OnLine Magazine...
Romantic Evening Ahead
"I really like what Michael has put together here. This is the kind of music many of us listened to as teenagers alone in our bedrooms at night, daydreaming about the one we would like as a significant other." It's even more romantic to listen when the two of you have a few moments 'alone together'."
-- W.E.C., AKA Wile E. Coyote... Genius Web Site

--Wile E. Coyote... Genius Web Site
CD Review
Peace’s lyrics say the things we would all like to say to our "main squeeze," sometimes straight forward, sometimes with a story or metaphor. He plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass and drums, combining with layers of vocals and synthetic lush dreamy echoes. Peace weaves a tapestry of textures that lets the listener relax and sail away to utopia. With "These Wings Were Made To Fly," Peace inspires us with self proclaimed confidence and makes us all believers when he sings "Look at me...I'm flying." No drugs, no booze, no curses, or screams, just very comfortable and romantic. A must have for true "Music Lovers." "These songs are some of Michael's best work and they are sure to become some of your all time favorites."
- Michael Groh, SAG, (Screen Actors Guild)

--CD Review
"Someday" - Santana
Listened to "Someday"-
Could hear a bit of a Santana influence there - maybe you influenced him?? Anyway- great guitar and I love your chord selections- harmonies are fantastic. Nice production- Good work all the way around. Mind giving your take on one I've posted?? I'd appreciate it alot! Thanks-
Christopher Dykes
--Christopher Dykes: