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Goth Trio Versailles Releases "Sacrifice" EP
Highly Anticipated Release from Evileye Records Available on iTunes October 25th

Los Angeles-based Goth trio Versailles will digitally release the EP Sacrifice (Evileye Records) on iTunes on October 25th. Featuring an enigmatic blend of dark, ominous blend of edgy Synthpop combined with lyrics Versailles sings intensely felt songs about love, vampires, war, the human soul, strength and struggle.

Singer/model and Versailles front woman Dianna St. Hilaire has been called the Gothic Tori Amos. Produced and written by St. Hilaire, and produced by Eric Greedy (Scott Weiland/Smashing Pumpkins/Ringo Starr) -- Sacrifice features songs that are dark and ominous yet fun and inviting. Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Depeche Mode and Joy Division, Versailles doesnt disappoint on their latest release. The first single, One With Me opens with synthesizer pulse that drives the delicate, yet intense track while the title track Sacrifice is a restrained, yet powerful track about war, destruction and the ultimate transcendence of the human soul.

Whenever I hear bands with an electro heart I always hope that as the brightly rising synth burble is offset by some actual feeling, lest it become an anodyne experience, but the moment the vocals creep into the opening title track on this EP I am relieved. Not only does Dianna St. Hilaire have an excellent voice which transmits yearning, but the lyrics are thoughtful and that sense of imagination also encompasses a dark shape to the song in which the small emotional core swells says noted Goth/Rock writer, Mick Mercer.

Versailles is now equipped with three beautiful female members. Dianna St. Hilaire (Vocals, Keytar); Stephanie Rose (Bass); Marie Ilene (Drums) -- along with the newest non-girl member Shaun Richards (Guitar).

Versailles recently appeared in the film "Black Room Doom" written by producer Kim Fowley of popular 70's band "The Runaways. Dianna Saint-Hilaire (a.k.a. Versailles) proves that she is the female Robert Smith (The Cure). Marie is the ultimate video vixen. Shaun has the attention of the female animals in the audience, says legendary producer Kim Fowley (The Runaways).