" It Is The Soldier " - 2005 - CD of the Year AWARD
It is the Soldier

Artist: Susan D. Wiseman


Reviewer: Bill McDonald – President of the MWSA

Angelic Music – A Spiritual Gift to Soldiers

Sometimes I come across people who really impress me with their endearing spiritual life purpose—composer, musician, singer, Susan Wiseman is one of those special souls. Her “FREE CD” that she gives away to veterans and their families is entitled “It is the Soldier.” It is a true creative labor of love; a gift for the heart and the spirit if there ever was one.

I sat mesmerized listening to it the morning that I wrote this review. It was raining outside and overcast with dark clouds with thunder pounding in the background—yet, in my room where I was listening to her music, it was all sunshine and brightness. She has created a heart rendering patriotic recording that reflects love and hope and spiritual values. This is a CD that she could charge $20 for and you would be getting more than your money’s worth but she is determined to “gift” others with her ministry of music.

The music is kind of new age in the best sense but it is also something else that is hard to put your finger on. I tried all morning to figure it out until I went to her wonderful website and realized that what I was trying to figure out was called LOVE. This CD is nothing but pure LOVE and that is what makes this music so special. She honors veterans with her words and music but every patriotic American will find this CD to be moving and entertaining.

The MWSA awards special recognition to Susan Wiseman’s CD “It is the Soldier” — “The MWSA 2005 - Music CD of the Year”

--Bill McDonald, President of Military Writer's Society of America