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Steve Gilmore Reviews: Morris P Rainville - Would'a Been Here Much Sooner

Artist: Morris P Rainville
Title: Would'a Been Here Much Sooner
Link: here

Every once in a while, I'll treat myself by picking a couple of tracks that I want to listen to and review and this month I've picked two - both from Songplanet. Slarou was one of them and Morris P Rainville is another (its totally incidental that they both happen to be Canadians btw). In case you don't know who Morris is, he is a country artist I have the utmost respect for. In fact, I can say without any doubt that Morris (along with the incomparable Chairs) has singlehandedly rekindled my interest in REAL country music. No, I ain't talking about the rhinestone encrusted rich kids who stole the whole contry and western field and sent it out to work as a common prostitue either. I'm talking about the real country music of bluegrass, honky tonk, rockabilly and western swing which is what Morris and co deal with exclusively. Morris provided me with a Record Of The Year this year with Good Old Country Blues and I jumped at the chance to hear/review his latest. So much so that I've even done this review from an audio stream which - as many of you know - I usually avoid like the plague. THAT is an indication of the high regard I have for this very talented singer songwriter.

Part of that allure really has to come down to this mans vocal style; a deep, infinitely satisfying voice that plucks at your heartstrings with a grace and style you won't hear every day. I'm not alone in my fascination with this artist either, his popularity increases in leaps and bounds and his total plays is the stuff most of us dream about. Would'a Been Here Much Sooner is slap bang in the middle of country country (if ya know what I mean), it's main instrumentation being acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo and brushset drums and BOY does it kick some high kickin' butt. Written by Morris and Rich Dodson I am not sure who provided the lyrical content but that surely should get equal billing to the excellent musical score. It's a fairly standard country lyric that really comes to life while the track is playing, but could probably stand up on its own as a pean to learning lifes little lessons.

Musically though, its in the style and tone of the track where it really hits home - at least for me. Being a long tme admirer of Good Old Country Blues, this could well be its baby brother although I haven't had enough time listening to it yet to be THAT sure about it's provenance. What I am sure of is that it's well up to the usual Mozza standard, a high energy yeeeaaahhh workout with some truly inspired fiddle playing courtesy of one Don Reed, and it's that inclusion that really does it for me. All the usually trademarks of this artist are present though; totally relaxed vocals, superb (and I really mean that folks) backing vocals and a production so crisp it could do double duty as a green salad. Morris P Rainville is - to my ears - a most acceptable face of country and one I heartily hope will continue on in this vein for many years to come.

Country - with a bang, crash wallop and a mighty rebel yell... Highly Recommended.

Steve Gilmore
A Proud Member of Soundclick Seniors

--Steve Gilmore Reviews - Fri Dec 09, 2005 1:59 am
Morris P Rainville - Good Old Country Blues
When I feel in need of a good lift, I ALWAYS put on this track usually with the Chairs I See You Rider, and it inevitably raises my spirits. There are a great many Morris P Rainville tracks that I like enormously, but none have the effect on me that this one does. One for those people who think country is just for good old boys (and girls).. He also has one of THE best male voices around.
--Soundclick Reviews by Steve Gilmore-Dec 4, 2005