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i love that track Camilla... have played it to other people too... i think it's really original sounding.
--Poppy, Dreamfield
A very touching tune," In Memory of Mrs. Maxwell", very nice indeed... very nice guitars throughout - vocals fit this tune perfectly... a nice story to boot... good show!
--Angels In Hell
"camilla"- we agree that it's such a pretty, unique sounding tune, like italian dream techno pop on LSD...!
--Greg, dream sequence
These guys are really fun to listen to, and they have a huge range of styles. The production is really cool and you can tell that they spend a lot of time getting things right in the studio. There must be a multitude of influences that they draw from, and it all comes together nicely. Their music also has a deeper meaning than most of the music you will find on Check Them Out!!
--Bob Lohnes, Peepshow
I listened to your musiic here on and I like it very much. It is ethereal,dreamy and has lots of lush soundscapes... I look forward to hearing more of your music... Keep up the beautiful works.
--Rachel De La Rosa, Mind Zone
...A nice guitar song, with quality vocals and lyrics. You've got something good going here, because you've already got the knack for mixing the delicate acoustic part with your nice simple vocals.
--Jonathan Sanders, Bent Twig Productions
I got your link off funender This was really dark...very Pink Floyd...nice!
--Karen Boshart
Great track with this absolute amazing Roger-Waters-like voice! Check it out! You won't believe your ears... it is fantastic to hear John Pfeifers voice. It is so similar to Roger Waters that they have to be brothers!
--Christian Zumdick, Pink Floyd Tribute Station
"Livin next door to Alice" in a cry-yourself-into-sleep version.
--Chris, Aquarian Age
I love (In Memory of Mrs. Maxwell), although it's a sad ballad, it doesn't make one FEEL sad. It reminds me of early Kinks - 'Dedicated follower of fashion'. Sunny Afternoon-, Celuloid Heroes-type of sound. The slow melodic guitar solo and building drums are awesome. Absolutely love this song!
--Project North Meets South
"Opening...-On the Heights-Main St." is by FAR the BEST song I've heard in a long time. I'm not just saying this to talk either. The Editors Of Life have conjured a masterpiece!
--Chris, Killing Game
I've had your "Opening...-On the Heights-Main St." on some of my stations for awhile. I never get tired of it.
--Alan Dean, Xvektor
"End Of The Chain"... What are ya recording with??? Thought provoking dudes...and a sax too....
--Gary, Axis One
RE: "Down from..." received at JP's mailbox
I thought I lost you guys when went belly-up -- I loooooved your stuff then, and am even more blown away now! You guys just keep getting more unique, sincere, and just plain damn powerful! Glad I got you again!
Alain Galois
--A fellow named Alain -- hey, love you, man!!! Got a band on soundclick? -- JP