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NOTA / ...all points in between
Gone are the days when bluegrass bands all sounded the same. This is certainly evident when listening to this first-time recording by None Of The Above. These North Carolina boys have a special talent for arranging that makes even traditional tunes like Old Joe Clark sound new and refreshing.

This is a well paced album that kicks off with some catchy guitar licks and the dynamic singing of Tim Sands on an up-tempo song that reminds those of us who are of the male persuasion, "Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long."

My favorites from the 14 selections on this album are "Paul's Breakdown," an original instrumental by guitar player, Tim Sands; "Hold On To God," a gospel song written by Dwight Yoakam; "Hickory Wind," a nice rendition of the Bob Buchanan/Gram Parsons song recorded years ago by Emmylou Harris; "Buffalo River Home," a bluegrass arrangement of a song written by John Hiatt; "Tennessee," a nice arrangement of the traditional classic; "Skyline Drive," an original instrumental by mandolin player, Charlie Wagoner... Well, you get the idea. This album is packed with good material.

The group on this recording consists of Tim Harrison on bass and baritone; Tim Sands on guitar and lead vocals; Roger Stamper on fiddle; Mark Thomas on banjo and high tenor; Charlie Wagoner on mandolin.

The sound quality is exceptional, thanks to the fine engineering, recording and mixing of Van Gallman at Old House Recording Studio in Dobson, North Carolina. His talent combined with the consistently strong vocals of Tim Sands will have you listening to "...all points in between" time and time again.

This one is a keeper.

--Gerald Cohail, Bluegrass News
"make a note"
"NOTA is a tight and talented ensemble with TASTE! Their arrangements and original approach to a song make you play their recordings over & over. There's an intelligent combination and blend that makes make a note a must for your listening library. Make a NOTA!"
--Sherry W. Boyd - WPAQ-Am - Bluegrass DJ of the Year
WBRF 98.1FM Galax, VA
". . . I can guarantee that "ILLUSIONS" will not only be a new project spotlighted but will be heard many times on my show. The songs written by band members Tim Sands and David Crawford: Driving by Graceland, Illusions, Forget About Me, and All That Matters are some of the best they have ever penned. The songs tell some great stories, the instrumentals are addictive and the harmonies are great . . NONE OF THE ABOVE . . A band that doesn't have to take a backseat to the nationally charted groups."

Jay Allen
Host of "Blueridge Backroads"

--Jay Allen Host of "Blueridge Backroads"