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Dirty South
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Lately, when I'm feeling overwhelmed I listen to a Louis Twinn song.
Reviewer: Susan Lainey
Louis Twinn's music has a way of grounding the listener , yet can also take you to another place & time..Whether it be about a poor soul down on their luck, or a legend of the times, you will find Louis's music filled with insight , inspiration, and compassion; graced with a touch of the Heavens...
--cd baby
Straight from the Hip of the Heart
Straight from the hip of the heart
Reviewer: Frank Cotolo
Louis Twinn's music is the breath of a simple morning and he can pull off most anything because, unlike other songwriters who display a matter of self-importance even with their best work, Louis is just plain honest. There is no questioning what Louis does and that he means to do just that.
--cd baby, aug 06
The Gift
Reviewer: Seismic Anamoly
The Gift is one of those CD's that you find every now and then that bring back some of the good memories you have from your past Life least it does for me. Grandpa's Porch is one such example; really took me back to when times were simple and fun....Louis has done a great job of capturing those feelings in his songs. Give The Gift a listen and you will agree.
CD "The Gift"
First Class Songwriter!
Reviewer: Fred Wheeler (StrangeCloud)
What a great songwriter we have in Louis Twinn! He's able to craft real life stories into amazingly accessible and memorable songs in the traditional americana-folk-country style, giving us a gift of wonderful "down home" music. Warm, personable, and full of great melody. Highly recommended!
CD "The Gift"

Reviewer: Steve Clark
Music that flows from the heart - in a creative blend of influences from Dylan to Neil Young to Jim Croce....your bound to find many hours of enjoyment here. A great CD. Highly Recomend.
Louis Twinn
He presents the message nicely wrapped in sweet, soft, alluring melodies upon which the listener can take a relaxed, soul nourishing ride to a better place.
--Stevie Guitar
Louis Twinn
Louis Twinn's delicate compositions don't hit the listener over the head with a heavy-handed message. Instead, with a soft touch and a lot of quiet emotion, Louis writes songs which allow the listener to consider and appreciate each. His natural songwriting skill is very evident.
Louis Twinn
His words are masterfully crafted, with a very gentle music accompaniment. Perfect for the christian genre.
--Jimrie, The Musicians Fan
Louis Twinn
This is such peaceful, calm and gentle music, really honest! Sweetly melodic guitars backing restful, heartfelt and laid-back vocals. These songs have a beautifully sincere vibe about them, great depth of feeling in each aspect of each performance. Most enjoyable, a refreshing change.
--Music Maestro,