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Jazz : Jazz Fusion
Playing around with a "Rhumbablues" backing track I found online.
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Waiting Game
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
Mix and Backing vocals by Matanglawin Youtube version:
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Crossroads Jam
Rock : Guitar Rock
Playing around with my HD400. This time added the lead part :P I uploaded the custom tone at:
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Save Me
Urban : Gospel
Demo... first time recording guitar tracks and vocals separately... not too comfortable with it yet...
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It's Over
Pop : Pop Rock
Here is one of my older songs. This one had some guitar fills just for fun :P. This is another audio conversion of a youtube video I uploaded:
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Classical : Contemporary
This is just an mp3 format conversion of the video I made for this song. Youtube link:
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Why won't you?
Jazz : Nu Jazz
Another demo
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Far Away Child
Blues : Acoustic Blues
2nd Draft of this song... toned down version. :P.
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Naiwan ang puso...
World : Traditional Asian
Ready your tinapay cause it will take YEARS before I write something as cheezee as this one again... unless forced to do so ofcourse :P. This is a really very over rough draft.
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Rainy Days and Mondays
Alternative : Indie
With permission from Jesson Ocubillo
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Crossroads - Sample
Instrumentals : Rock
Playing around with my HD400. I uploaded the custom tone at:
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EJ Trip - East Wes
Jazz : Modern Jazz
Testing out my EJ HD400 patches playing East Wes.
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