Jammy Beatz
Awakening (Bryson Tiller Type Beat)
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Alternative : Experimental
A short song about children. Music and video byThe Qube -Michael"The Roach"&Darryl Miller, Bass Guitar-Chris Gavin, Spoken Words - Dan Biholar, Mix & Video edit - Darryl Miller, Stock Footage - Video Blocks The Qube-Dig The Picture (c) 2015
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And It Was So _ The Qube
Alternative : Other Alternative
The Qube explores contemporary creationism... Music created using Reason 7.1. Michael The Roach - Music, Drums, Original Arrangement & Mix, Sascha Kaus ( CranksNGonzos ) - Music, Darryl Miller - Music , Arrangement, Remix, Video Edit & FX
A SoundClick Top 50 song
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Everything - The Qube
Alternative : Experimental
Music by The Qube....Michael (TheRoach) - Music and Drums Darryl Miller - Music, Mix, Vox and Video Edit My computer melted down while mixing this song... LOL
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The Qube - ChristmasMourning2012
Alternative : Experimental
The tragedy of gun violence. A reaction to recent gun attacks in the US. This video documents the fire fighter shootings in New York, and the deaths in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89pEWrUovfA
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explicit lyrics
The Qube - On The Road To Hell
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
Indoctrination-a 3 CD Spoken word / soundscape adventure and Experimental Feature Film exploring intelligent design, the evolution of man's spirituality and his compassion for humanity, while destroying himself and the world due to character flaws.