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play hi-fi Night Lights
Scott Supreme
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Club Bangas
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If Flowers Still Bloom in Beirut (August 2014 Ver)
Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
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CREEP ( Cover of the original song by Radiohead)
Acoustic : Cover Songs
A cover, then, of "CREEP" by Radiohead. Interestingly, it works on a simple unchanging 4-chord progression throughout: verses, chorus and bridge ALL run on the same G-B-C-Cm chord sequence, although the melodic structure of all are VERY different.
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Manama Bustle (Instrumental)
Jazz : Modern Jazz
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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Parting Song (Why is it?) - Feb 2010 ver with harp
Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
Soddy Bottoms liked this January 2010 recording and offered to add a blues harp track overlay on top of my vocals and guitar. This is what it sounds like....
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Christmas Morning (April 2010 ver)
Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
This one was written very early one December morning, in a freezing cold train compartment, on my way home from College. It was more than just the hard bunk and freezing temperatures inside that compartment that had kept me up this particular night.
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