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Beat Demons
Apart (Buy 1 Get 3 Free)
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All Thats Left at the End of March
Classical : Contemporary
This is me playing nylon string guitar playing contemplative and relaxing jazzy ballad with sing background Beach Boy style harmonies. This song will feature singer songwriter, Jen Young on lead vocals when completed.
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Drifting Into One classical mp3
Classical : Classical General
Sunset and dawn become both drifting into one. A "dream within a dream" for an engaged couple drifting off to sleep to a place where they can be eternally together in their youth as age begins to claim them. youtube video
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Truth Half-Diminished
Classical : Contemporary
'Truth is the first casualty of war' song video located at
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Sento Nel Core
Classical : Opera
Aria in Italian with Classical Guitar and strings Music and Recording Sento Nel Core by Erik Burch I made this recording on Cakewalk Guitar Studio Using a Nylon String Guitar and Fender Strat with Roland Synthesizer. Ambient sounds from ERH were
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Dies Irae
Alternative : Experimental
Gregorian Chant with Sung part of Koran both describing the Day of Judgement. Anonymous compilation of GW Bush samples mixed in. I play guitar and sing chant.
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In a False Light
Jazz : Lounge
Written and performed on nylon string guitar. Classical and jazzy...
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Victim Number Nine
Acoustic : Acoustic General
Cecilia, January's Victim, Birthday Clown
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Liberty Expires
Alternative : Experimental
Generations of soldiers put their lives on hold only to face injustice in their own country.
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Don't You Need Love
Pop : Pop Rock
Parental Alienation/ Father's Rights
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Forever In My Heart
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Ann Makar of St. John Church Vancouver, WA
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Glory Holy Father
Classical : Choral
SATB available and Finale file available free at or Finale Showcase download free Finale Reader pdf of sheet music at freescores
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Tore Down horns
Rock : Rock General
Clapton Cover recorded by Aric Keith on May 14, 2014 (guitar and vocals) with the Pulse Rate Horn Section (Nathan Pulse, Chris Valentine, and Erik Burch)
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