Blasian Beats
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
No coffee that day.
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What I Do
Acoustic : Acoustic General
About a changing life.
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My hope
Acoustic : Acoustic General
cute song about life. and stuff.
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Kandy Filled Kitten Kingdom
Electronic : Games Soundtrack
If you listen to this song intently, you might start imagining a beautiful rolling pasture where kittens frolic. Then, somewhere, halfway through, they all get eaten by laser beams. I fruity looped this a while back. It would be great for some vid
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explicit lyrics
I Should Probably Care
Rock : Guitar Rock
Quite an old song I wrote, but its probably one of my best, not instrumentaly, but because of its feeling or something like that. Basic, overdrive guitar with my super purdy voice.
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Ninjas Eat Tofu
Comedy : General Comedy
Silly old song about the epic battle between Ninjas and Pirates. The quality is fairly terrible. Brads playin drums, and lauren is supplying back-up vocals!
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That Bouncing Beat
Electronic : Techno
A neat little diddy, meant to be a sweet little rave song. Picture strobe lights and extasy. One of those.
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Bluesy Improv
Blues : Blues Rock
I just learned how to play 2 blues chords, and I thought they were kinda neat so I hit the record button and improvised a song about drinking. I love drinking.
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No Offense
Alternative : Alternative General
Sexy song with sexual undertones, kinda more rock-ish.