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Hip Hop
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Deeply ( feat. Michael Weinstein )
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
I had many conversation with Michael Weinstein. he is a great nature american flutes player. he played cool flutes sound. I love this version so much. thanx Michael Weinstein ...
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Black Rain (feat.Selftort)
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Song about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.
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Make It All Right ( feat.Maria Daines )
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
(Maria Daines:Vocals&Music, Shyonen:Music, Don Shafer:Lyrics) The meaning for the 'Make It Alright' was written after I spent an evening with my Father, he was dying from cancer and was just so brave. My mother had died along time ago and he
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Rock : Classic Rock
The member of This music. #RedEyeC (SoloGuitar) #Selftort (Vocal) #Dreamer (Lyrics and Plan. Advance.) #Shyonen(Music and Vocal) //////////////////////////////////// NO MORE was written after watching the news. STOP THE VIOLENCE!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! The
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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In The End
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
(Shyonen:Vocals & Music, Don Shafer:Lyrics & Bass, Tom Hoelle:Guitars & Mixing & Vocals, Inge Zimmerman:Vocals, Bob Forbes:Solo Guitars)
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I'm So Close To loving You
Pop : Musical
This song is by E.M.W. with music by LOREN RISKER Lyrics BY DREAMER Vocals BY SHYONEN. /////////////////////////////////// We hope you like this music. Thank you. by -Loren- /////////////////////////////////// This song is based on a