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*New* - Where U Goin w/HOOK **5 Beats for $49.95**
Instrumentals with Hooks
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explicit lyrics
Don't Want No
Electronic : Trance
The cheesy lyrics were begging for an up to date remix, even though it is a track that most love to hate! I like to think that I have added a touch of class to what cna only be described, atrocious lyrics.
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Sinisterkay - Earth Language (Original Hard Mix)
Electronic : Trance
Using my alias Sinsiterkay in this production because I think it got an evil and hard twist!Hard synths - hard basslines - what more do you want? Melody? Thats coming - stay tuned...!!!
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Free from E
Electronic : Trance
Hard Trance meets a new era with this one. Flowing basslines introduce a hard leadline whilst the break reminds you of late 90's trance
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No Alternative
Electronic : Trance
Still a work in progress so excuse the poor mastering and arrangement. Will hopefully have the full single on a few days' time.
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Dj Stealth - Supernova (Original Mix)
Electronic : Trance
Hard bassline - big synths - melodic hard trance
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DJ Stealth - In and Out (edited mix)
Electronic : Techno Hardcore
Slamming beats and wicked vocals - the perfect blend!!!