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Tax the Rich
Rock : Folk Rock
The unequal distribution of wealth is perhaps the most significant single cause of conflict within our society. "Tax the Rich" draws attention to this unjust distribution and calls for a redistribution of wealth through progressive tax reforms.
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The Scrapheap of History
Rock : Guitar Rock
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. entered a new phase in its quest for world domination. As more resources have become focused upon this expansionist mission, U.S. civil society has suffered from an increasingly malign neglect.
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From My Machine
Jazz : Jazz Fusion
The isolation of people from one another while driving in their automobiles is used as both an example of, and a metaphor for, the general alienation of human beings from one another by technology and systems of control.
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Who Will Pay?
Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
The systems that support life on Earth are being ravaged by powerful hierarchies of control and exploitation. The verses of this song describe three defining moments in the history of the attack upon the viability of our planet and our species.
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Downward Hostility
Rock : Folk Rock
This song describes how people who are being oppressed are sometimes manipulated into directing their rage at others even worse off than themselves, rather than trying to throw off the shackles of their own oppression.
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Death Pours In
Rock : Rock General
In recent times we have had to confront not just our own mortality, but the destruction of entire species, possibly including our own. Denial is the most common response, but our encounter with death can also help us to focus on what is essential.