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:: Leasing and Exclusives
 SongTime MP3WavOtherLeasingExclusive
1 play hi-fi crunchy sweet (instrumental) 3:47  x x x $ 20 $ 10,000
2 play hi-fi Groove (instrumental) 5:06  x     $ 20 $ 600
3 play hi-fi Greet the Morning 4:35  x     $ 20 $ 600
4 play hi-fi Out the Window 4:11  x     $ 20 $ 600
:: Creative Common Licenses
With a Creative Commons license, the artist keeps the copyright, but allows you to copy and distribute the artist's work provided you give the artist credit -- and only on the conditions specified here. These licenses are free, so you don't pay for them.
1 play hi-fi All lifestyles (Beastie Boys remix) no share details
2 play hi-fi Big Zero (instrumental) no no details
3 play hi-fi Body Movin (New Beastie Boys Remix) no share details
4 play hi-fi Days are Brighter (instrumental) yes no details
5 play hi-fi Hanya Shingyo no no details
6 play hi-fi Heart Sutra no yes details
7 play hi-fi Home no share details
8 play hi-fi In the Crowd (instrumental) no share details
9 play hi-fi Loving no share details
10 play hi-fi Might as well (instrumental) no share details
11 play hi-fi Sonic Dance (instrumental) no yes details
12 play hi-fi The Just List no share details
13 play hi-fi THIS (intrumental) no share details
14 play hi-fi This thing no share details
15 play hi-fi Walkin no share details