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1 play hi-fi Better Hold On Tight (Song For Bec) no share details
2 play hi-fi Break You Down yes yes details
3 play hi-fi Dark Symphony yes share details
4 play hi-fi Don't Build Me Up no share details
5 play hi-fi Don't Worry - Just Act Normal no share details
6 play hi-fi Emily (2011) no share details
7 play hi-fi End of the Innocence yes share details
8 play hi-fi Let Me Love You Girl yes yes details
9 play hi-fi My Take on Your Take no yes details
10 play hi-fi No Turning Back no share details
11 play hi-fi Prison no share details
12 play hi-fi Scottsdale Gurl yes yes details
13 play hi-fi Shooting Star (For Jack) no share details
14 play hi-fi Some Days yes share details
15 play hi-fi Stupider Than Me no share details
16 play hi-fi The Meltdown no share details
17 play hi-fi The Weak and the Wild no share details
18 play hi-fi What Will You Do Without Me Babe? yes yes details
19 play hi-fi Why no share details
20 play hi-fi You Don't Want to Be Here Anymore no share details