Survival Mode
Hip Hop
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1 play hi-fi A Rich Man's War (Ain't gonna fight) no no details
2 play hi-fi Amazing Grace / Traditional no no details
3 play hi-fi Bomb Iraq / Anonymous no no details
4 play hi-fi Burning bridges no no details
5 play hi-fi Fat frog friday night no no details
6 play hi-fi Grandma Joan Norman no share details
7 play hi-fi House of the rising sun / Traditional no no details
8 play hi-fi In the highways (Mandolin) / Maybelle Ca... no no details
9 play hi-fi Mama don't allow no share details
10 play hi-fi Mulberry Bend no share details
11 play hi-fi My tears no no details
12 play hi-fi New Orleans blues no share details
13 play hi-fi Old time religion no share details
14 play hi-fi Prairie sunrise no no details
15 play hi-fi Red River Valley no share details
16 play hi-fi Roll on, Mr. President no share details
17 play hi-fi South Dakota Blues no share details
18 play hi-fi The queen of everything no no details
19 play hi-fi Waking dream no share details
20 play hi-fi We shall not be moved no share details
21 play hi-fi We shall overcome no share details