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1 play hi-fi All of It ( with Ray Carmen) no share details
2 play hi-fi Betrayed yes yes details
3 play hi-fi Blackberry Popsicle ( with Kevyn Dymond) no share details
4 play hi-fi Capitola ( with Al Perry) no share details
5 play hi-fi Dance Man ( Moore) no no details
6 play hi-fi Darn That Dynamo no share details
7 play hi-fi Disappeared In This City ( with Heather ... no share details
8 play hi-fi Drain The Blood no share details
9 play hi-fi Dust On The Mirror no share details
10 play hi-fi Dynamite no share details
11 play hi-fi Electronic Symposium no share details
12 play hi-fi Life's Tough with Andrew McIntosh no no details
13 play hi-fi Mr. Ambition ( with Tom Furgas) no share details
14 play hi-fi Mr. Hyde ( with Eric Wallack) no share details
15 play hi-fi North Star ( with Micky Saunders) no share details
16 play hi-fi Push by John Wiggins ( Campau guitar mix... no share details
17 play hi-fi Run To The River ( with Dan Susnara) no share details
18 play hi-fi Santa Catalina Summer Camp 1968 ( with D... no share details
19 play hi-fi The Black Ace ( with Chris Phinney) no share details
20 play hi-fi Who's At The Controls? no share details