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Yahunatan is an electronic musician. For Yah's glory.
All music here is free to listen!

Since 2003. SoundClick Veteran for Ten Years (2007 - 2017).

Yahunatan: A Music History (2017)
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This musician currently uses FL Studio 12 Producer, Akai Professional MPK 88 and MPK 25 Controller Keyboards, Arturia V5 and V4 Collections, Omnisphere 2, Keyscape (Full Edition), Philharmonik Miroslav (Original Version), Yamaha DGX-500 and DGX-505 Keyboards (Grand Portables), Yamaha PSR-47, with various freeware plugins.

It's not about being a skilled musician. Or acquiring that which fades under the sun. Life's too short. It's about sharing an experience. It's about having a personal relationship with The Creator.

My desire is capturing the essence of an experience and placing it in a container of depth and simplicity, especially while in prayer and mediation. My objective is in forming pure melodies and keeping the message real. Committed to balancing classical and electronic genres with ease of technicality, I attempt to form simple pieces on a whim, filled with muse and creative theme. If one of these pieces brings a positive understanding to your life — it has served its purpose!

Lastest Release - Old Man. An album dedicated to the Father in Heaven. Each piece shares a special experience with him. Came out very easily. Hope you enjoy it.
Old Man [2017]
Some Good Music Albums:
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Meditations III: Faded Souls (2013)
[Classical Contemporary]

Eternal Sojourn (2012)
[Classical Electronic]

Within (2011)
[Progressive Electronic]

Video Game Soundtrack (2009)
[Intelligent Dance Music]

Meditations: Moments of Reflection (2005)
[Classical Contemporary, Piano]

I invite you to browse my music on this website free of charge. See photos below. Over 20 albums and 300 tracks spanning well over a decade. Hours and hours of decent, creative music available covering a vast spectrum of electronic and classical styles. Totally original and home-baked, yet stylish, creative, and personal. Stop by, relax, and enjoy the experiences shared.

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The Most Played (October 2017)

1200+ Plays
1. (Movement I) Ashes to Ashes [2012]

1100+ Plays
2. Heavenly Presence [2005]

900+ Plays
3. How Time Flies [2013]

800+ Plays
4. Metamorphosis [2011]

700+ Plays
5. (Movement VI) Between the Eternities [2007,2012]
6. Infinite Possiblities [2007]
7. Leviticus 1: Without Blemish [2015]

600+ Plays
8. Withering Grass [2013]
9. Journey Awaits [2013]
10. Cold Soul [2013]
11. Crossroads [2012]
12. Break Out [2006, 2010]
13. (Movement V) Ascension [2009, 2012]

500+ Plays
14. A Faithful Hour [2008, 2010]
15. Silent Dreams [2010]
16. Nervous System [2011]
17. The Battle of Principalities: Movement 6 [2007]
18. Principalities Intro [2010]
19. Look No Further [2010]
20. Sunset [2011]
21. Leviticus 3: Ignorance [2015]

22. Be Still, My Cry Awakens [2012]
23. Mystery [2010]
24. Rotated Earth [2011]
25. Faded Souls [2013]
26. For Granted [2013]

400+ Plays
27. Meditations Remastered (Part I) [2005, 2014]
28. Zugzwang Part III: An Unknown Odyssey [2013]
29. (New) Hope [2007]
30. Tide [2011]
31. Movement IV: Line Treader [2012]
32. Dust to Dust (Electronic Edit) [2012]
33. Lilies of the Field [2007]
34. Mind Over Matter [2009]
35. Highways and Byways [2011]
36. Splinter [2013]
37. Moments of Reflection [2005]
38. Sunrise [2013]
39. Spectrum [2011]
40. Movement III: Seekers of the True God [2012]
41. Anew [2013]
42. And So It Goes... [2014]
43. Leviticus 7: Strange Fire [2015]
44. Life to Life [2013]
45. Time Traveler [2011]
46. Anonymous [2007]

Runners Up
47. To the Powers That Be [2009]
48. A New Beginning [2007]
49. Movement II: Dust to Dust (Original Version) [2012]
50. Leviticus 2: Leaven [2015]

First album in May 2003, named Experiences: However Small or Insignificant.
First piece is called Life Ship.
Why this name?
My public name is Jonathan Raimer. Yahunatan is the original Hebrew for Jonathan. As a music artist, used to go by my public name for many years, yet the last couple of years realized it was time to go by the true name. Before my birth, my name was finger-pointed within the scriptures by my parents. They turned the scriptures, pointed at the text... "You shall call his name John." Nathan was added which means "Gave." In other words, the name was given by Yah.
Do you play live?
If this person ever played live, don't know if it would come out properly. This music is all too personal. Not as nervous around people as much as being an Empath (in other words, it is very easy for me to soak up the moods of others). Had a personal concert back in December 2008, in which five impromptu pieces were played right after the other. Was released as Impromptu (you can listen to it on this site). Wonderful experience.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Not a fan of how music is industrialized as it is. Yes, the Internet has provided a method to cut right to the chase and share music to those who can benefit, but even this method has been greatly tarnished over the last decade or so. Everyone's too much into sensationalism to really listen to a solemn message. Let's be honest... most people are too apathetic about such things.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Personally wouldn't want to do it. Simply desire to create music without worrying about the social (let alone financial) aspects of it.
Band History:
Posting a YouTube video on this history (see Videos). In essence, started out in 2003 with MIDI programs. Primary have been known for my work with the Yamaha DGX-500 from 2004-2013, yet have explored further since then with other equipment. Watch video for more details.
Your influences?
As far as keyboard music, would say the primary influences are Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Kraftwerk. Vangelis would be most influential, as he focuses on the depth of his music more than catering to the masses. Jarre is explosive and fearless, while Kraftwerk allows their music to mirror real-life experiences. Tangerine has taught me about consistency and longevity. Patrick O' Hearn and Davol are also excellent examples.
Favorite spot?
Would be home, with family. As far as traveling, enjoy Oregon's Creator Lake, California's Bodega Bay, and certain sites in Arizona.
Equipment used:
This musician currently uses FL Studio 12 Producer, Akai Professional MPK 88 and MPK 25 Controller Keyboards, Arturia V5 and V4 Collections, Omnisphere 2, Keyscape (Full Edition), Philharmonik Miroslav (Original Version), Yamaha DGX-500 and DGX-505 Keyboards (Grand Portables), Yamaha PSR-47, with various freeware plugins.
Anything else...?
There are quite a few successful artists that have the backing and resources to make it work. Many take the time to study and practice, which is fine. Yet it really is about expression. Depth. Anyone can create decent music by being honest with themselves and their audience.

This person doesn't really know notes, recording terms, or things like that. Just play what's within. The Father gives me the experiences to share. It is not my choice to stop the messages he wants to give.