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FOR EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS EMAIL ME (Rickaine@hotmail.com)
FOR LEASING RIGHTS EMAIL ME (Rickaine@hotmail.com

Free Downloads: Used only for non-profit use ONLY. If caught, legal actions will be considered. Must Credit: Produced by Rickaine

Leasing Rights: Cost-Half of the exclusive rights (i.e, if the beat cost $50 to own... the leasing is $25). [1 commercial or profitable use granted] [Distribution up to 2,000 copies] [Tag Removed] [Use for shows, mixtapes, radioplay]: Delivered through email or sendspace.....mp3

Exlcusive Rights/Buying: COST- exclusives are normally $50 and under to OWN. [When buying the beat you can use the joint for any purpose]. [You become the owner.] [Noone but YOU can make a profit from ALL commecial uses] [Beat cannot be resold to anyone][Tag will be Removed] [A Higher Quality Version will be provided] [OPTIONAL: All instruments in the beat will be tracked out/seperated for further mixing purposes]: Delivered through email or sendspace in .wav or .mp3 format. [Optional: Beat will be mailed through USPS on highest-quality CD-R in both .wav and .mp3 format (Tracked Out and the original mixed version for use or general reference)


Questions??? email me......

***All songs MUST credit: Produced by Rickaine
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