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I hope you found some interesting songs and lyrics here. I have a great need for a drummer, bassist and another guitar player. Then, these songs will sound better.
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I added one of your songs to my station.

Good Luck
just dropping in to say nice sound and style much love and respect

Your politics are not mine, but I liked the music... thanks! Check us out!
You gave a voice to my feelings about the war, JF. Rock on!
u hate john kerry? why?

I mean ... no one loved him. But do you really like Bush???
Come on ...

9/11 reminder is good. good lyrics.
Enjoyed the Don't Vote for KErry tune.

The 9-11 Reminder is a well done collage.
Hey there Johny. I'm Steve from the Phugs. You've got some great tunes here. Just checked your mexican Strat. So, are you a leftie too then? Might explain the cool guitar playing. Keep up the good work man! Cheers from London.
Check out my new track
" Wages of Sin"
stopped by the site to check out the songs--
rock on--

checked klaata...dont remeber the
its cool
I burp I Fart I it, I can really relate to that one. The ending was a bit creepy get arrested in the UK for that sort of thing!!!

As far as wanting to see Jumpin the Q played live, you buy the flights, we'll play your front room!

Did you manage a listen of Lie in? Like you valued thoughts on that one if poss (apart from the obvious...practice more!) Klaatu Barada Nikto...
Great bass going on there!!
we got sum new ones going on soon..
Johnny- Nope, don't know Country Dick Montana, but sounds like somebody I should get to know. I am most impressed by the fact you got your wife & her sister to sing with you. My wife just gives me the "you're an idiot" look.....then I just go out drinkin' again...
wsup got some talent really liking it.....keep elevating and youll definetley make it to the top....collabs are always check out my stuff and see what you think...Death To Squares is the newest one..its my reply back to a battle tell me what you think...peace
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