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Thanks for visiting the Stone Marmot message board. We are particularly interested in what style(s) you would classify our music as and what bands our music reminds you of. Also, what do you think of the songs we are considering putting on our next CD. Thanks!
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Reminds me of Zappa and the early Mothers of Invention - catchy rhythms, good lyrics and melodically atonal ( does that make any sense?)
nashville gets it, LA don't? having lived in nashville for 4 years now, i'm not sure what they get around here. enjoyed your tunes, though.

"Toby the wonder cat", is a very cool and imaginative song. I dig it. You should rate me too. Check out my new track,"So what domestic".
I ran into your tune on the Acoustic Latest upload Chart. Good job. I like it!
Keep making music. You rule.
You guys rock seriously I love the music. I h** to hear more soon.
Howdy All,
Best of everything with your new song "Thinking Of You". Keep up the nice work!
Here's something NEW and very special for the Holiday Season.

FATHER (Andrew Dean) in English and DAUGHTER (Madalin - age 11) in German,

(Traditional German folk song done with a very nice Traditional Country feel)

God Bless,
Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine
Hi, I like this music my favorite is thinking of you great vocals good luck DeAnn Sanders
Hi, please check out our latest recording "Faded Memories" would love to get your feedback on it.
Really all it is healthy. I listen and enjoy. Though itself such I do not write. Call on!!! At me absolutely fresh tracks. Good luck!!!
Hey, I got your message on the Just Plain Folks forum there, and I'm listening to your stuff there.

I must say, I'm liking what I'm hearing here. I don't think it can really pidgeonholed into any genre, alt rock, I guess. Personally, I'm no fan of genres; as long as the music's good, that's all that matters!

I can understand the Devo comparisons, but I'd say you guys have more of a rock sound... No bands really specifically come to mind, but I still like your stuff. My favorite would probably hafta be Cool is for Posers. I totally agree with that statement!

Gruesome Greg Harris,
Host of Antipop Radio
Hmmm???....Your music sounds to me kinda like the talking heads-david burne a little bit. It's very easy to listen to like at a BBQ or something, very nice production!! I would say pop category or whatever Jimmy Buffet is in..

C'ya later
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