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Howdy friends!

Always a pleasure having folks drop in for a listen! Been working non-stop on new tunes...plenty to write about...lots to say/sing!

I do hope you will enjoy our music and feel free to download them to your mp3 players!

Take care and God speed,
Lisa Mei
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Lisa. .. this is such an excellent dedication!! .. .
BigDawg says sometimes.. when he's particularly pleased with something. .. that it gets him "grinnin' bigger than some sort of critter in a briar patch". .. now.. i'm not sure what briars are.. or what kind of critter he says.. ... . BUT!.. but...
i do believe this will evoke that particular grin from himwink ;)

you are both incredible people and .. i just feel very good listening to this songsmile :)
it's amazing to watch all the things that have happened since you two started getting involved in musically stepping out to fight for your beliefs.. your rights. .. rally on!!! .. that's all i can say!
rally on.. .. cuz you do it so well.
i love your heart, womansmile :)
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