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play hi-fi  commenting Suspended by Rain
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this would be a good one to flesh out some more. get some lyrics to it.
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nice, I like it when you change around the dynamics. this is very close to being my top fav today. definitely one to share with the cwf.

right up there with dead red
play hi-fi  commenting El Guapo
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another good one, the change of pace from your style. nice acoustic work. love the guitar at 1:50. did you double that?
play hi-fi  commenting You Talkin' To Me?
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really like the bass at 3:15. complicated piece.
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OK, first piece I've heard with vocals. Post this one for sure. Of course space them out a bit, not all at once like someone else I know.

very good
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Peter, did you post this on cwf already? If not this is another great one. Lots of dynamics. Short enough to keep peoples interest. Home cooking at 2:39.
play hi-fi  commenting Circle Change
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peter, this would be a good one to post next. I'm listening through all your songs today to find my favs, this is one so far
Hey, you are a damn fine guitar player. A top shelf player! Loved the Sombrero Song.
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