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MMMMM, just thinking about Holland, Mi. as a possible to retire. Cool, fun, Song guys!
I heard the RockFish band at Magoos on Jun 16, Tulsa. Unbelievable, International quality. They should be on the Space Station.
i want to see nancy's ***ts, too. should i wear boxers or briefs?

Hey Rockfish:

Enjoyed "My Love" (nice echoey vocals) and "WInter Sucks" and voted 'em HOT!

Check out my new song "Vampire Girls" and also my recently resurrected from oblivion song "If I Only Had A Brain" from about #190 to today's #16) and vote 'em both hot. Thanks.

Bill Wright
Hi! Love what you got! Voted Hot!
I'd love it if you culd come by and listen to my new track "Freaky Love Story"
Much Love And Respect
Miss Frida
Hey Phil,

Send an email to and I will tell you how to purchase our CD's.

Charlie from ROCKFISH
Where can I buy rockfish albums? I would rather support the band than rip them off by downloading their music.
Hi Rockfish,
Cat gave me one of your CD's for my birthday last year. We stopped over on Normans on our way to Cat Island last week with hopes of getting a great burger, a visit with Dale, and buy all your cd's. They are closed! How can I buy your cd's?
Hey, Charlie ... How about posting your live dates somewhere so we can include you on the TD Entertainment Calendar.

Bob H.
aka Bonefish...
Did Norm leave his red bra at your place? Just check'in.. We miss you guys, I'm having dinner with Bahama Ron & Sissy tonight.. Cheers
Hey all! Come out to Parrot Phlock 2005 and hear Rock Fish at our 4th Annual Event. They'll be playing Saturday, July 16 following Tim Krause of Manistee. Friday we have Caribbean Blue. This is a family camping event at White's Canoe in Sterling.

See for all the contests, fun, games and food! Benefit for Homeless and Domestic Abuse shelters in Michigan. Sponsored by Pirates of the Great Lakes PHC MI and Detroit PHC in conjunction with MidMichigan Rum Chums, Bluewater and Chicago PHCs.
Hello Rockfish
I'm in the shooting of a documentary about Carlos Lehder.
And I would be very honored if you allow me to use your great song THE BALLAD OF CARLOS LEHDER in my film
bahama ron and his boob pictures

reminiscant of dust in the wind
which is weird cuz i just got thru listenin to that...oh now its switched up

this is good music yall
keep it up
Hey what's up!, I enjoy your music, i'm a big fan of yours!, I think you're one of the best artist on sound click and I voted hot for all of your tracks.
If you like to chat holla at me my msn messenger
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