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... SANFORD http://bit.ly/HS0LAl Florida - Tracy Martin had been looking for his son Trayvon since the night before. He went to bed figuring the teen must have gone to the movies and turned off his phone. When Trayvon still wasn't home in the morning, Martin called the police http://t.co/W3u2Wh7A http://t.co/OFW33yDV http://shar.es/rnRp5 0BAMA http://shar.es/pMkYY iN http://shar.es/pURBd 2012 http://shar.es/pBHLf THE SUPER LYiNG BiGTiME EX-JUDGE iS DEFiNiTELY CALLiNG ALL THE SHOTS & http://shar.es/pUF17 HiS SUPER LYiNG FAMiLY AS THE DECiDiNG JURY http://shar.es/pRwf6 ALONG WiTH THE WOEFULLY CORRUPT iNEPT SANFORD POLiCE DEPARTMENT http://t.co/LoZtP7cp AiDiNG iN THE CiTY'S DEEP RACiST COVER-UP OF http://t.co/OPqv8fJL 17 YEAR OLD TRAYVON MARTiN'S MURDER http://shar.es/pMkYY WiTH NO DEFiNiNG PEACEFUL END iN SiGHT... http://shar.es/pP4bZ "( i KNOW 1st HAND THE RACiST SANFORD POLiCE DEPARTMENT http://shar.es/rnRTf & CiTY COMMiSSiONERS http://goo.gl/Oi4S8 ...i AM FROM SANFORD, i WAS BORN & RAiSED iN SANFORD, FLORiDA & MY EiGHTY EiGHT YEAR OLD MOM http://t.co/YJfrxCHK STiLL LiVES iN SANFORD! ...GOT DAMN RiTE, i'M GONNA FiTE http://shar.es/pMkYY BY ANY & ALL CAPABLE MEANS NECESSARY http://shar.es/pLb5F YOU GOT DAT sh** ...MRjavinbur http://t.co/T2CQW8Lj DAV NAM '73 http://t.co/VCm7YhYW War Is Coming )" ...DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG COMMUNiST REPUBLiCANS http://shar.es/pPdQH ALL HAVE? COMMiTTED? POLiTiCAL SUiCiDE4 2012-THE? UNRE-ELECTABLE? BiGTiME LAZY PATHETiC WHiNiNGASS http://shar.es/pPYSN LOSER CRYBABY DEMON JOHN http://shar.es/pPxct BOEHNER & THE UNMOTiVATED UNRE-ELECTABLE? WELL KNOWN DASTARDLY WEAKMiNDED SORRYASS LOSER QUiTTER DEMON ERiC? http://shar.es/pPwvZ CANTOR & THE OLD? DUMBASS iT'S DEFiNiTELY? TiME 2RETiRE DEMON LOSER? MiTCH http://shar.es/pPwEo McCONNELL? http://goo.gl/Oi4S8 "iNHERiT THE WiND" http://t.co/OFW33yDV YOU ARE MOST DEFiNiTELY GOiNG 2BOW? DOWN - BELiEVE - YOUR OBSTRUCTiONiSM? & DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG FiNAL DAYS ARE MOST ASSUREDLY NUMBERED & FAST APPROACHiN
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