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yo wuts good my name is twiz-e-ddy n im from miami n i wrote to 1 of ur beats about a year ago n i neva really cared to much bout pushin singles or even blowin up fo that matter but i figure since its ur beat u'd want to hear wat could b done wit it. i aint on no swag sh** o nothin like dat i prefer jus puttin words together wit a flow. it aint the best quality cuz ma "studio" kinda bootleg but i think its worthy of ur attention at least. heres the url cuz i cant sent it to u thru email.

one more thing..hardest beat i ever hopped on that wasnt industry str8 up. props on dat.
if anythin hit me up i'd appreciate the feedback good or bad. (dnt ask i was young)
HOLY SH!T!!! I KNEW YOUD COME BACK DAWG. I was wondereing where you had gone.
your beats are sick...need more free beats for hungry emcees with no money like me haha
what can i get for free with no tags
dont be quick to skip this message check my page and see if you want to hear your tracks flipped on my page with real vocals and mixing

let me know
dangerous muzik presents...
comming 8/21/07
to a store near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the west coast is backkkkkk
I listend to a cpuple of yo trax and voted em hot. I like that you got a different style. When you get the chance come check out my new sh***.
got three hot new joints....check it out...
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