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i want to purchase the beat not the song?
i like this I am feeling this you go boy :} NICE WORK
That's a hot intro man.. I really feel your beats..
wat up bro, check my music out if you get a chance. i like that song ms luxurious bt its short tho, do you have the full version?
Whats up guys? This is NOT spam.. I released a new mixtape a couple months ago, and am in the process of putting out another mixtape. I am looking for new artists to work with.. That includes everything from producers to graphic artists, ANY artists who is doing there thing and doing it right. I dont have much traffic on my Soundclick as of now mostly because I promote my Myspace more than any other site I am on, but come check out my new mixtape and let me know if you are trying to work on something. Also, if anyone knows who produced tracks 4, 6, 10, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, and 25 please let me know so I can give them production credits, as they were all beat on CD's, now I try to make sure I always know who produces the beats I get on, as the producers are just as important as the artists. But for now come by and check out my hits off the last mixtape, again in my opinion these are my best off my last mixtape but the tape consists of 26 tracks, so dont sleep on any of it..

Kamikazee - b*** I'm The Bomb (Produced by BTP Productions)
Kamikazee - Clothes Off feat. Danny Wells
Kamikazee - I'd Cross The Desert feat. Ares (Produced by BMB Productions)
Kamikazee - I Said Aye (Produced by Shadowville Productions)
Kamikazee - Dear Mr. President (Produced by BMB Productions)
Kamikazee - Walk Wit A Dip feat. Ca$h
Kamikazee - Watch Me Ride On It (Produced by Hardkore Productions)
Kamikazee - Homegurl feat. Bone

Again, ANY artist trying to work on something, hit me up and we can talk. I can be reached on my Soundclick, I can also be reached at any of the following..

E-Mail :
Myspace :
Phone : (440) 396-5754
sh** s hot, keep it up.
put the QC on the map bruh check me out man maybe we can collab on something, 95% of your beats are bangers
Whatup dawg? Yo just wanted to stop by and say your beats are fire man... Madd respect from over here! Keep it up
sup man...i feel your ish fam. "chevy boom" sounds ill...i really like that dark vibe...catchy hook. "stronger" sounds nice can tell that you put your everything in your beats...that's cool man. Keep it up.

I've got some new tracks up, it's that raw underground type of ish...please give it a try if you have the time to. "playing with fire", "Out of nowhere" and "right or wrong"...murder tracks, i will guarantee you that you've never heard anything like this before!

It takes a lot to be a "Real Producer". A lot of dudes proclaim that title, but we know the difference. I gotta give you that though because you have some official material my dude.... Nuf Said....
Wuz Good B. Walker,
Thiz rawbigad. I have used quite a few of your beats for a mixtape I have created called The BIG Picture. The songs I know for the moment I can not profit from so they are free to the world right now, but I like the vybe I felt as I recorded to all the tracks and I would like to buy some kind of rights to use the beats for my sophmore album which I will call "The BIG Picture" instead of just for a mixtape. Ya beats go live and I go live on 'em. I will post the music up pretty soon so you can hear the rough drafts so far. After I purchase the beat rights sometime between here and October I would like for you to hold the beats for me. They really banging and I will promote heavy. Rapping is all I know I know how to do without anyone's approval so I forever stick with it. Check out my debut album "Put Me In A Vault". I produced all the tracks on it myself.
God... everytime. Ya'll assholes! haha. sh** s always sick Koncept. Keep doing that fire everytime like you do

Check the page
Bombing Sh it your beats yeahhhhhhhhhhhhbig grin :Dbig grin :D
WHat up bro im feelin ur sh*** u know u doin ur thang keep dat sh*** up...mad luv
holla back if you wanna work
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