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The Noble Pauper's Grave - the first album by Protos for 25 years - is available from this site as an MP3 album.
play hi-fi  commenting Aftermath
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Excellent piece!
hi Rory,
Longtime no hear from, I'm sure you've had a busy year. I hope you have a great holiday season and an even better year next!

Don´t know if you have been informed yet,
but the release date for the Unifaun album is set
on June 27:th. And that´s Bonamici´s birthday!!

Kind regards,
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Very well thought out, sounds somewhat like renaissance music...
Rory,You definately have a fan here.
Really nice work.
Thanks for the friendship.Congrates on the #1 spot.
Great song.Departures.and I really liked aftermath also.
Keep u,m comin,
///////////////////////////P E A C E\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Hi Rory,
This is the farthest thing from your mind, probably, but I thought I'd let you know that "Julienne" Band is looking for a producer/manager. They hail from Aylesbury Bucks, UK. I've loved their pop sound for sometime. She has a great pop voice. Listen to Summertime Love. Anyway it's an opportunity for someone.
I've uploaded my first cover,"Blue Moon of Kentucky."
Voted hot for The Final Down." I wasn't looking in the right place before. Your work is always outstanding.
Right on my friend!

Music sounds great.

Thanks for kind message. We have a new song coming out in August.
Album soon ready. Please remind us about posting, we really are super busy!
Thanks for your visit. I've got a new one up, "A Thousand Roads."
Listened to Departures. Beautiful music. Left a hot vote.
Hello Roril! You music sounds really good!! I like very much your theme “Travels” (hot vote, of course). Let me invite you to our profile at: where we have 6 themes of instrumental and progressive rock. We would be very happy if you give us your opinion about our music.

Bests regards,

Thanks for your input. I understand what you are saying. You are the consummante producer so it means a lot to me to hear your critique. It's a long story but yes I will do some more work on this song. Again, thanks for your honesty.
Hi Rory!

This follows my personal message to you tonight. I have spent hours listening to your music, as well, as Protos, and wanted to let you know that I voted every single track HOT. You are the most awesome, amazing keyboard player I've listened to in a long, long, time. I know you're going to make it!!

I especially liked your track "Departures" for my own reasons, which you know. This track was an emotionally beautiful electronica : ambient track and I've added it to Krysharol's Electronica Station. In a nutshell, all of the songs mentioned below have also been added to my various stations, and I've voted all of them HOT. I loved Tempest (Pt 1) and Tempest (Pt 3); Space did get me away from the city temporarily - it is a beautiful track, too. Renaissance is an enlightening classical : chamber music track and Triads in Arms is a beautifully calming classical : symphonic track. I found Passing Decades to be a dynamic rock : progressive rock track and loved it. Like I said earlier, all tracks have HOT votes and have been added to my various stations.

You definitely have a God-given talent and all your hard work has definitely paid off. I look forward to hearing more new tracks from you in the future.

Best wishes on your upcoming CD.

Your friend and fan in Wichita -


P.S. The Maiden (Live) is another example of your expertise in music and production.

Take care.
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