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play hi-fi  commenting How Crude
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Nicely done, the vocals are really emphasized in this song and in the higher range, and you did a decent job with that.
play hi-fi  commenting I Verbed a Noun
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Hey Dave. I hope you are still working on the video for this song smile :) Just wanted you to know that this made my song of the day for 12/27/09 as my #5 song of the year. I think your success this year is awesome and well deserved. Hopefully your computer gets back up and running soon.
play hi-fi  commenting Every Call I Make
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Hi Dave,

Good to see you on soundclick. Looks like this song
is doing well. I have just written a new parody on and have been a member here at sound
click for over 2 years now.

A little over a year ago, I started writing orginal song
lyrics with my current collab, Mr. Billy Flack. Just type
his name in the search engine, then click on the link
that shows his name with mp3 downloads. That's his
artist page. When you get a few minutes, please take
the time to give a listen to some of our songs and let
me know what you think.

And welcome to soundclick.
Hey BADave;
Interesting wordplay; groovy feel, gross references to poor old grandma. keep it cookin'
Will do mumzalot and thank you very much for your comment.
I realy don't have much time to lissen to all your stuff at the moment but I did lissen to a few of them and liked what I heard so far. I'm marking you on my favorets list so i'll be back to check the rest of it out someday."I'm a weenie on a hot bun's awsome." if you get the chance stop by my site and let me know what you think. good or bad. thanks
YO Check Out Page Str8 Fire Traxs. I think I'm tha best on here.Holla
This was an absolute corker! I love the GBs, and you did very well with just a midi backing. Keep it up!
Dear soaddictive,

Thank you, I will check them out, if I place a song on my station it's because I like it, and I felt the artist who composed/performed it was talented, so if anyone deserves a thank you, its you and your artists for making quality music.

Dave - I saw that you've included tracks from our artists on your station. We do appreciate the support!~ I hope you get a chance to check out more by these artists at the official website smile :)
Check my new beat,"MANNIE WENT GANGSTA, it is the best of the best,VOTE IT HOT!!!,Download it and then leave a comment,Thanks!!!
Hi, B. A. D., thank you for the favor you extended to us. More power to your parodies, and have a happy new year.
Wow, I need to check this board more often--thank you everyone, and I'm just being honest with the reviews, I'm pleased to have reviewed everyone's work that I have. . .and I'm glad I could help answer your question Alex, thanks for your compliment. . .and I checked out your band laygand, left a comment for you on your message baord--thank you.
hi, below average dave,
please check us out, sp'cially my new hit ' Let rain pour in my heart."
hi! thnx for your review. You've got some funny music :P

c ya!
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