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hi poppa your 1 man band is so cool
love charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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Lovely, enjoyed every moment. Beautifully understated, discreet and honest performance.
play hi-fi  commenting HARLEM NOCTURNE
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I'd never heard this one but what beautiful rich and husky playing! A beauty indeed! There's a lovely soft buzz you do when you blow which is a great sound, stunning, Laurel
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Another great one Rex..

Big fan here.. HUGE fan in fact.. I consider you to be amongst the best secret on Soundclick.. if the kids only knew.. they don't stand a chance..
Hello Rex--I just came across your music and I really love your work! You are an excellent steel player, and I aspire to play the instrument about half as well as you do--that may be setting my sights a little high, haha!

Just excellent playing & singing all 'round. Thanks for your beautiful music.
I'm amongst your biggest fans.. thanks for the tunes, and thanks for talking to me about tunings..

What you do is as cool as it gets..

The first guitar notes in your first tune were a dream come true. I have always wondered whay Sol Hoopii would sound like live, or at least with modern production. You have done him proud by keeping that tradition of music alive.
play hi-fi  commenting Little Grass Shack
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Thanks for keeping this music alive.
I love it!
play hi-fi  commenting Song of The Islands
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Go Rex! I love your playing!
Thanks for letting us download for free.
I'm going to take advantage of that!
Thanks again, and keep sliding.
We want Tiger Shark! We want Tiger Shark! Music is great, loving Bluein the Blues. Will keep checking back for updates.

Hi poppa
your really cool and your songs rock hope your number 1 in the hits.
love from Harriet+Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HI poppa
I think that your band is really cool and the songs are mint love from Harriet + charlottexxxcx
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