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Please comment, it's lonely out here!
play hi-fi  commenting E Blues 269559
Overall Rating
Straight ahead rockin blues with a power. Kickin guitar work with awesome chops. Lots of cool energy in this song. Had me moving my head and tapping my feet. Great song
play hi-fi  commenting Hey Lawdy Mama
Overall Rating
Straight ahead Blues with a touch of funk thrown in for good measure. Like the deepest of your vocals. Really adds a lot feeling. Really enjoyed this song.
play hi-fi  commenting Bag of Lettuce
The longest intro I’ve heard for a long time
'Draggin on' is very cool.
I like it very much smile :)
I like your guitar playing, and your vocals i always like.
How do you fill out the sound in your recordings?
I'm trying to do a crappy ep thing, but i can't seem to make my vocals fill out the sound like you do.

Great song Jordan.

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for your kind words on Lavalamp of my skull, i'm glad you picked up on the serious undertones of the song.

I know you seem puzzled why i like your songs so much, but i think you've got a great sound going.
I've downloaded some songs cause i want to play them to people if you don't mind... if you do... ermm... sry.
All the best, and can you upload some more please smile :)

ps. if you do, can you pm me, i ask people to but they never seem to sad :(
very original sound,, vocals are great,, calm kind of jack johnson sound,, but with your own original tone,,
Hi Jordan,
Listening through your songs was a pleasure, you've got something very interesting going on which makes me want to listen.
Your songwriting as lavalush said is spot on, you have knack of giving just enough, you've definately got a talent.
Again as lavalush said about your voice, it's got an element to it that just draws my attention, and it is very cool. Some people have these technicaly amazing voices, with god knows how many octaves and can hit notes spot on, but they still sound boring, because they've got no character, and no soul. Yours has a hell of a lot, the way your voice wavers, and does stuff just draws me in, holds me spellbound really, and i know that sounds over the top, but it really isn't.
I love your voice on, 'Ode to Jet Man', the way it starts, you don't quite reach the notes but it works and sounds damned cool, out of all your recordings that's my favourite bit of vocals.
You should be damned happy you've got the voice you have, and if you bi*** about it again i'll slap you! smile :)
I like your lyrics as well, i'm not a lyricist, i don't understand the technicality's, i just like the way words and imagerys work, and sometimes when they don't, and i like your lyrics.
Guitar's cool as well, sorry but you've got it all going on, and i'm going to be listening to your songs alot i reckon smile :)
You're very talented and i know if you played gigs round my area, people will shut up and listen, and there aren't many musicians here who can do that.
Upload more songs please smile :)
Whats up? I saw your promo in the acoustic forum and listened to your songs. First I would like to say that your comment on not being a singer is false. I love your voice. Its very original and cool as sh***. I love how it kind of drags. Your playing is raw and full of inspiration to me. Your songwriting is just spot on especially with your vocal style. This stuff kicks ass. You NEED to keep doing this.
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