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As an occasional composer of videogame-related music myself, I am a bit confused. How did you get this song to be ranked #1 in "Games Soundtrack"? It's a good song, quite pleasant actually, but it sort of meanders all over the place without having anything that's very memorable or compelling. If you uploaded this to a game-music-focused website like 8Bit Collective, I don't think it it would hit #1 by a long shot. Maybe it would get popular there too, but this 1st place ranking just boggles me. Admittedly, I've never hit the #1 ranking in any genre on soundclick or 8Bit Collective so I must be doing something wrong! If you think I'm being a jerk for saying this, well, I understand, but go listen to some of my music or listen to the 8bit music on 8bitcollective and I think you'll see that there's a lot more that's possible with retro game music than what you've done here!
play hi-fi  commenting Relatively Mario
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It was PERFECT. I was thinking of Mario the whole time doing his little funny run from Mario 64 and jumping off of stuff.
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