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Compare and contrast:

Country version vs. rock version
Guantanamo (country) or Guantanomo (rock)?
play hi-fi  commenting Gitmo Swing
You have the scary ability to deliver the very disturbing with a beat that makes your toe tap smile :) Love it!!!!!!
play hi-fi  commenting Ballad of W, MD
Overall Rating
joseph, that's killer! One of your best, and the rap approach is perfect for the subject - a gangsta! Great guitar lines and tones.

While the country version (correctly spelled "Guantánamo" has a certain lilting, relaxed, and therefore more ironic vibe, we like the remote vocals (how far down the hall were you?) and the "no mo'" connotations of the rock version (that mispelling was intentional, right?)
Where you be boy?? Write back!!!
Lemon to da SOLO KID
The Lemon Bitter wishes all music heads everywhere a Memphis Style BBQ Chrismass and a blue new year!!! Steve Kaplan {the DEEP BLUES DUDE} Big Jack Johnson says hello to ya all!
Hello, hey Joe, Fancy meeting you here! (at Soundclick). I am enjoying your music! I love your laid back openess. Don't be afraid to be friendly! Perhaps our paths may cross again soon. Go easy on the pesto bro!!! Flo
"Four More Years" is my favorite but all these tunes are Fantastic!
"Four More Years" is one of my favorites of the political season.
Protest music through 08'
If you Really love America Vote Democrat.
York (Hillbilly Democrats)
I've been remiss in not mentioning that the graphic accompanying "Lyin' All the Time, the Sequel" originally appeared on the October 13, 3003 cover of The Nation magazine, and is used with permission of the creators. Here's what the Nation said:

"The image is actually just the Official 2001 Inaugural Medal, originally designed by Charles L. Vickers, and updated for 2003 by Avenging Angels. As far as they are concerned, you're free to use the image, and as for Mr. Vickers, well, we haven't heard a peep from him (although our lawyer assured us before the issue went to press that our more realistic rendition of the Bush medal lies well within fair use guidelines). You don't need to credit the Nation or Avenging Angels."
The Ballad of W, M.D., while now only available on the Good Without One page, reminds me of porn music too. What this administration is up to is truly obscene.
Yo, I'm really feelin ya vibe. Keep Elevating. Check out my music and hit me back. PEACE
What up..I checked ya ballad..Nice laxed vibe..Reminded me of porn music...Lol...If you get a chance give me some feedback on "The Fusion of hip-hop an the E-guitar an "651"..Peace
Once again, Joe Solo has created a concise portrait of the idiocies of life in the USA. Especially perceptive is the ironic photo of sheep that accompanies the lyric page.
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