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Hi Chris!! You big, blue, beautiful man you. What's poppin' Daddy! big grin :D Am listenin' to your booteeful choonz now. smile :)
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To me I had to listen to your Vikings.
Coming from Dublin I have to say you have the feel for the Celtic/Viking sound.
To get that sound you obviously have to be of the blood?
Great talent,Great Singing, Great soul man.
I tried a Celic song way down on my list called "Celtic Dreamweaving" but it has not got your soul!
enjoyed ya page man, I'll be back again soon.
Hi Chris,
Yours "The Crucible" are so wonderful and Amy do some wonderful vocals.

Take care my friend smile :)
Hi Chris,
I can't believe it took me so long to stumble across your fine music!
Great stuff, that keeps me in touch with my Celtic roots.
Best wishes,
Hi Chris,
Just listened to your "Vikings." It sounds great and resonates with the peacefull, soulfull, celtic tone that calms
the wayward spirit...nice song...
hey, i checked out some of your music...really likin this "vikings" song...mysterious and passionate is how i would explain it, nice work, voted it HOT....so come by our site and check us out, thanks

ADAD Records
Chris and Sharma, excellent work with Vikings! Looking forward to more smile :)

Excellent compostion and mix...
Vocals are awesome...

See Ya,
Very nice vocal on Legends......Oops...I prolly wasn't supposed to point that out!

I like it plenty!
lol, the 2nd mix sounds sooooo much better! Hacum there haven't been any posters in here since last July! O_O We're gonna hafta FIX that one, buddy. big grin :D

:: hugs Chris ::

You truly are such a wonderfully, unique person... and I thank you for sharing your soul with such beautiful sound.
Hey there,
I lived on Donnegal Street in Belfast for a bit so that's always a nice memory. I listened to Shenanigins and it was super groovy man. Brought me back to the days of Irelandsmile :)
Andy out
Hi Chris,
Privileged to be your first poster here!
Not seen this page before, but there are 4 lovely tracks here, and a couple of my favorites "Shany" and "Shenanigins"are on my Instrumental Station.
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