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Hi there. Leave me a message. I would like to hear any comments.
joel love your stuff contact me id love to work with you.
Hi Joel... Thanx ... hm you got a swedish name... first and second name...!!! Do you know a singer??? please send them to us...
still listening to "unconditionally". it's moving along nicely, keeping with the strong mellifluous ambience. there's an instrument going on in the background right now... i'm about 5:30 deep in the song... which is quite interesting, and i can't quite identify. seems to pierce consciousness itself, and tap into the soul.

now that's skill.
Hey Joel, thanks for listening to my music smile :) I'm actually listening to your stuff right now, while I'm studying. Great job! You're good in all the instruments that you played, keep up the good work smile :)
That is a kick ass compliment....
I never thought I sounded like
Tori Amos,
she is so rockin.....
I see your in Ohio also...
Got to love it....
I have been in Ohio most of my life and
there is no other place I would rather be.

I love the sound you have going on here.
I love that mellow piano and the way you make the listener feel the emotion...
Awsome work...
Take Care
Hey Joel - Its Scott from The Fantastic 5. I manage the board for The Anderson Counsel. I passed on your compliment to John, the lead singer/songwriter and he was really hp with the positive feedback.
Speaking on behalf of both bands - I can say confidently, we'd love to come and jam! Thanks again
Hi Joel
I always like to brouse thedifferent categories of this site, and I found your music. I really like it.

Voted hot far away , it is very beautiful.


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