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Welcome to Dimaension X! Thanks for visiting and come back soon...
Dimaension X,

Very cool name and very very cool music. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your comments on my page. We have similar tastes- and that happens so rarely for me to find another musician who actually cares more about making music than stroking their own ego! Most musicians - especially those around here where I live- seem only interested in music for two reasons: 1. to glorify themselves, and of course 2. to attract members of the opposite sex.

My only regret is that you don't live near me (Nashville, TN) or at least I don't *think* you do, or I'd be banging down your door trying to get you to join my band....

Best of luck to you, Dimaension X, there are a lot of folks out there like me who really dig what you do !!

Oh, PS and By The Way, how is your name phoneticized? Is the -ae- prounounced the same way the Germanic Latin -ae is? As you know, probably, there are 2 primary ways latin is taught. Here in the 'states it's the Germanic version, so the "ae" is pronounced the same way a sailor might say "aye" or Scotty might answer to Capt. Kirk in the affirmative. You also probably know the Italian manner is not prounounced that way, and the biggest difference between the two methods of teaching-that is, between Germanic and Italian Latin- is the lack of the letter "V" in the Germanic version, whilst in the Italian version theletter "V" is unavoidably noticeable, especially since Mel Brooks made such an issue out of it in his movie "History of the World Part I," which was riddled with jokes about the "v" being pronounced with the "n" sound.
Reminds me so much of early Metallica! THANKS!
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Say I was just back hearing some of your excellent work I enjoy the sounds and down loaded a couple they will sound good on my MP3 player

Just checking in. It's been awhile. Too late to disturb the neighbors. Be back to hear your new stuff asap.

Rock on!

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Robotic vocals haha awesome groove on this one sweet!!!!
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nice tune guys..
Hello mate, i haven't been here for a year or so, i think i only had 2 tracks last time you visited, just heard your version of the black page and thought,, i'm having that smile :)
it reminds me of a cardiacs midsection, tiz in my station.
You've been very busy i shall go and listen to more of your new things, i'll be back here again soon i should think, there's a lot to listen to.
bye bye
hehe love the Bach and roll smile :) nice man.
yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh i like your style saludos de Argentina
Hi D X, what you are doing. How did you work out all that Zappa stuff !!!!! Great playing and programing.

Whimwise (Ex-Enid) has a new soundclick side

Love and Peace
You are the sh***!
Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile
wow, we have similar influences!
Hey Man!

Love your tunes now buy my album!!

Just Kidding!! Not about liking the tunes you have, but about the merchant psychology shilling.

I may have some new tunes in the future, but I have no CD burner to transfer the taped recordings to in order to make mp3s with.

Rock on!!
Hi, there. come and check out my new Gothic Project Called : Nazgul, for the moment this is my Side project. Hope you like it, please leave a message if you want to.

Stay Goth
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