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dude are you still making music....dont seem to have done anything since footsteps sampler sad :(
Hey, Whatsup!

My name is Paul Kingston. I heard some of your beats.You have hot crap bro! I like your style. I need couple of beats for my coming project (mixtape).
I pay also for the beats!

Hollaback at (paul-kingston@gmx.net)

Hey there! I'm just hittin' up a few UK heads. I got a free mixtape you can download if you're interested: http://www.zshare.net/download/shychlo-pse-political-spiritual-egotistical-rar.html Stay on your grind, keep it UK. Peace xx
I'm glad you like my stuff, my email address is jakhallett@gmail.com
i like alot of the beats, the one that first stood out was the first one on untracable footsteps sampler, so if you could send that one that would be cool and any others which stand out out as different.
Alrite mate, I like your work and wondered if you were interested in collabing at all.
check me out any way and let me know
much appreciated
Hey, I'm lovin the new beats. Email me man, downfall broke up, but I'm still up for using a lot of your beats, I like the first song in Strength through joy, email me, gremio_san@yahoo.com
!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MAN? these sad beats are killing me. listen to my music and if you wanna work get back at me peace.
Hey man, good beats. we even used one of em!!! WOOP WOOP
Hey This is .J. Life Innertainment when you have the time check out "Identity" under Hip Hop, "Point of Realease" under Christian Rap and also "Da Tightest Diss" it was made because we are networking our material and people want to add stupid opinions on everybody message boards as if they have sold millions so check us out
got some nice stuff here mate

get top


some more real UK heads to collab and check out your stuff...
Hey,u got some nice music,keep up the good work. I'm a musician also,I Just Uploaded some new hot tracks,i produce hip hop/rap ,R&b, and other style.Come check out my soundclick page or my website @ www.exclusivesound.com
holla.And sign my message board so i can know u was there.
Come see why some compare me to some of the hottest producers out right now
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