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play hi-fi  commenting I Knew You When
A very intuitive melody and a sweet-natured vibe..I like this alot -and its stuck in my head..So didn't deserve to come last in the song comp
Go BMore! smile :) Nice stuff! Thanks!
play hi-fi  commenting Here Today
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This one seems to be more based in reality than that Pete conversation thing...... :OP
Anyway, real good tooon here.
play hi-fi  commenting Words We Understand
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'Tis a goodie, Cracks.
play hi-fi  commenting I Played With Fire
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Hi Cracks,

Ouch...I just played with fire myself & it burnt!!!

Comment at Zoom! Luv Trace. x
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Hi Cracks,
I've already left my comment at Zoom but thought this deserves the 5* treatment!!! t.x
play hi-fi  commenting Instrumental
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I enjoy this composition imensely
have been trying to copy it
If tabs of any sort are availible i would really like them
play hi-fi  commenting I Knew You When
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Good song for such dark subject matter. Probably why I like it. I like the guitar too. Love the way you do that slurring with your words. Lyrics are very thought provoking. Felt a bit of guilt. I could be wrong. don't sue me if I am. Don't know much about production values but the listen was sometimes hard on the ear and I don't really know enough about it to be begin to suggest what caused that. I still added to my stations. Thanks
play hi-fi  commenting Hard Times Now
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I like the reverb on the instruments. Takes me back to my heydays. Vocal is a little like Tom Wait or somebody like that. You're really out their with the lyric. I'll try to explore more. Boy, if the world could listen in on some of the music in the Zoom arena. There wouldn't be so much stuff that sounds exactly like the other stuff. Keep it up!!
Thanks for the nice note and 'hots'.
I really like your sound.
Keep'm coming!
Hey Cracks:

Cool stuff! Voted your 4 latest songs HOT!

My songs "If I Only Had A Brain" and "Vampire Girls" just cracked the top 10. Please vote for them and help them go higher.

My Boyfriend Roland Bowman is singing a Roy Cost song today only at then you just click on the red guitar to hear the show. TY Betty Smith

The Roy Cost Wednesday Radio Show
Posted by Roy Cost on 6/21/2006, 2:36 am

The Roy Cost Wednesday Radio Show in Conway, Arkansas USA

Johnny Kossman....Whisky, Tears & Trains
America's, The Shadows.....Wind Down
Bobby Atkins...Singing The Blues (Endsley)
David Fox.......Friend Minus 'R" Equals Fiend (Sponaugle)
Barbara Dunn & Ray Jones...I Get High On Jesus (Tidwell & King)
Roy Cost....Hard Hearted Woman
Linda Wright, demo by Rachel Williams..We Fell Hard
Joyce Ramgatie....Joyce Radio # 2
Joyce Ramgatie....Shannon Bay, The Single
Buddy Sims....Treat Me Like You Love Me (Murr & Sims)
Kitty Houston...Hey Baby This Is Rock And Roll (Murr & Houston)
Karen Dee....Have You Hugged A Witch Today (Dixon DeVore)
B. Jeff Stone & Patricia....It's Such A Pretty World Today (Noe)
Roy Cost...The Fall
Roland Bowman.....Lonely Tears (Roy Cost)
Dixie Harrison....You Come On Like A Storm
Bruce Greaves.....Pretty Thing (Yarborough)
Martha Welch....If There's No Tomorrow (Welch & Leach)
Roy Cost....Don't Wake Me
Ann Pascoe....On The Menu (Ann Pascoe)
Bill "The Saxman" Bodell.....King Of The Road
B.J. Gassaweigh....I See Your Face In The Moon
and Rabbit In The Briar Patch
B.J. Gassaweigh...The Train Wreck
Alan Cost.....Beyond My Control
come on people! where are the messages? world in motion is a cutting edge, daring production. vote these dudes hot!

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