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****Note**** I have gone back onto the road as a Truck Driver once again; sorry for any inconvenience. I visit when I can and have time.

Welcome to all! Thanks for coming by to visit and listen. smile :) Hope you got a blessing from the music.

Please post and let me know you were here so I may visit you, where ever you may be. smile :)
If you like Instrumental Music, I have another site at Music of Light and Love

I also have a collaborations page strictly for music that I've either done for artists, with artists, or artists that have covered songs of mine. Some songs are from the year 2000. You can find it here:
Collaborations Page

May God always Bless and keep you,

Have a great Day! big grin :D

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In other news, as you've seen from the message at the top of my page; I've become a driver once again, which now severely limits my time and resources; and my priorities have shifted......but I'm still writing; and that does mean you'll still hear from me; though maybe not as often as before. I can still be reached here, on Facebook and through email.
Don't forget me, as I surely have not forgotten you. big grin :D

Here's my latest song called She Is the Reason a Cover I did; written by David Lunbeck. Enjoy the listen! smile :)

Much love and hugs to all of you,
Tammy smile :)

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One of my favourite artists on SC doing another favourite artists song....great work Tammy!
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Very deep meaningful song. Has so much emotion and for the related story, you did a great job and such an unbelievable dedication song. I'm sure he would be proud/

Beautiful vocals and such lovely lyrics.

I have just released a very mellow hip hop song called "Life Part 2" you might like it, any feedback is appreciated.

Hi Tammy,
Listening to She is the reason one of my favorites. What a wonderful job you did. I left you an email if you still come around. Hope all is well.
Happy Christmas Tammy, you've been missed, smile :)

Wishing you and yours a very happy and meaningful Christmas season, enjoy! smile :)smile :)smile :)smile :)smile :)smile :)smile :)
She is the reason is a excellent song well played. My in-laws live on Sand mountian stay safe driving
Always a treat to hear you, hard to believe we're already heading toward the Christmas season, enjoy Tammy, you're missed! smile :)
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i'm a sucker for sweet, emotional songs. i'm also a sucker for lots of intertwining vocals. thanks for the enjoyable listen.
Great music..hello my name is Pastor Cody Blake.and you are great..I have been blessed to have sung on the Grand Old Opry 5 times in my life and worked with everyone from Del Reeves to Billy Walker in my life. I have 4 new tunes here.please stop by and give a listen when you can..God bless you and I pray you stay safe..Pastor Cody Blake..
Hi Tammy, sounding fantastic, take care! smile :)
Hi Tammy,
Glad to see you come by. I have been so busy with work rarely have time for music so it was amazing I even squeaked out that song and I agreed with your comments and brough the vocal up. I am listening to She is the Reason. This even sounds better now did you do some tweaking? It sounds incredible.

Hope all is well and please do send me an email when the time/urge strikes you. Just put up a cover of Needles and Pins featuring Gabe on bass and harmonies and he really brought the song up to a whole new level.
Hey Tammy and all who post here:
Would you support my new song "Time"? I just uploaded it to my main artist page. It's my first solo song for a while and i want a few comments cause i wanna know how it sounds without a duet partner! big grin :D
Tammy i just saw that you have a list with "Great Artists you should support", why am i not onto that list? big grin :D big grin :D big grin :D


Wish you a great week Tammy! big grin :D
Hi Tammy, wanted to drop by to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, I'm hoping you get to make it home. smile :)
Well, it sounds like losing your thyroid hasn't hurt your voice a bit, Tammy. You know that for years I told you your upper register was your vocal strength - and the high harmonies here are a nice blend with your lead vocals. I love David - he knows this - but I could never attempt a cover of his unusual time signatures and rhythmic devices. You knocked it out, though, good job with some pretty tough melodic twists. Hope you are feeling better these days. Thanks for the nice long update on my SC page. Sorry I am late to answer, I rarely go to SC anymore, and I think my music days are done. But thanks for the great encouraging words just the same.
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I haven't been by in awhile due to life's distractions,
but glad I stopped by and gave this song a spin big grin :D
Top shelf all the way on this one!
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Hi Tammy,
Wonderful rendition of Davids song. You already know this is one of my favorite songs by any artist. So simple and so beautiful with a very powerful message. An instant hook you song on the 1st listen. You have done this song justice and brought your own wonderful vocals to it.

And glad to hear you singing so well after your surgery
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