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i just want you to know,im a rapper,and i think that i m asleep is the best bagpiping i've ever heard,i was captivated,inspiered,breathtaken by its authenticity...i dont even wanna tal about it anymore..ugh!,it was great.
Hey folks, you are great!
Check out my sites on soundclick, just put my name - Leo waygen - in the artist search and you will hear my new tunes.
Leo Waygen
lovely to hear the tradition's not dead, and it's being re-worked and rejuvenated really honestly and solidly! All the best!
What happened to "The Foggy Dew"?
You all sound great and that was one of my favorite tunes when I visited you sight..
Hello Callanish
I'm writing this as I listen to the first song.. very impressive. I am also from salt lake. I dont know if you have noticed the great sound quality on all the bands from our area! Especially you guys. Thanks for the grat music. i will definitely be listening to more of you guys. Hope to hear more of your stuff. Maybe you can drop by if you get the chance and take a listen to some great piano solo! Later!
Hi Callanish,
I put your song Greensleeves on my ezop's station. It is a nice thing that goes into a jazzy vain.
I added The Minstrel Boy on my SoundClick to add up to 3 songs thereon. My recording of The Minstrel Boy is an older thing I did on cassette. There are a few mistakes but I find moments to enjoy in it. Oh well, it may make my other things sound better and it shows I have plenty of room for improvement!
- Trick T. Olly
Hello Callanish:

I'm back to listen to some more of your sweet, sweet down to earth celtic music. Probably be back agian, if you don't mind. There's still a place in the world for this music. Don't let it fade away into oblivion. God no!
Hello Callanish:

Great rendition of Greensleaves. Nice to hear some celtic flavoured tunes. I'm not a celtic musician per se, but I did play autoharp, flute, and accordion with some celtic musicians a number of years ago. Just hearing this stuff brings back good memories.

Found you by accident, while checking out another page, but it's a pleasant surprise, and a pleasant discovery.
Lots of diversity and variety here on Soundclick.
I can listen to your music for hours... great work!

keep your head stoned
Great Works of Celtic Tradition, loved my visit here! Would love sharing this with our group.. The same mind set, of ancient lore !

Hope to see ya there,
brightest of blessings
hello, just to say i just listened to companilia an i thought it was a really nice tune. do you guys ever play in Ireland?
Hi. This is Andrew Bray with the Country/Southern Rock band Southern Limits. I'd like to introduce you to us and our music and invite you over for a listen.

We have a new song on our site called “My Biggest Fan”.

It’s more on the modern country, Lonestar, Alabama, Diamond Rio side.
Let me know what you think about the song.


Your friend,
Andrew Bray
Southern Limits Band
Nice to hear from you, like the stuff make ssens in a time like ours. I have a new song on "making sense of it all" based on Tsunami issue. instrumental. take aliosten.
Thank you for visitiing my page. That song was sung by my little brother Patrick and played by him. He's only 13 so i'd say that by the time he's 18 that he'd be a fine auld ballad singer. I'm going to be recording songs like "Come Join the British Army" and "Schooldays over" over the christmas.

Thank you again for your kind words and I'll look forward to your new material.
This is the kind of music that i want to be able to play when i get better, I love the rhythm you got going in Greensleeves, you play it a good bit higher than i do.

I thought that Greensleeves was English though.

Did you's ever give King of the Faries a go and then break into Pigeon on the Gate? It'd really suit the fiddle. Though, it's best to latten the E notes to give it the medieval twist to it, like in Greensleeves.

Well done.

An Irish Fiddler.
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