Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  commenting Temple Of The Singers
Yes there is Raymond..Lots n lots of of them..There's no tracks like yours tho as they're so incredibly creative, distinct n original..You sound like absoloutly no one else & it must be your own personal choice not to become succesful, famous n rich with your insanely amazing music
play hi-fi  commenting Temple Of The Singers
Isn't there another song exactly like this but with a different name?
hiya mate

i've loved listening to your music on here, especially o lucky man.

i'm a rapper myself, and i have a song i'd love to get you singing the chorus on. would i be able to email it you so you can have a listen and make your mind up?

6:41am. I'm just getting back from a show. I'm tense. I've been gigging for 12 straight days and I have 3 more days to go until I can get a day off. I play "Girl On A Train" and I'm relaxed for the first time in days. You are a wonderful writer and a great performer. i wish there wasn't an ocean between us because I would love to write with you or just jam and shoot the sh** . Music is my life Steve. When I hear a song that touches me I tend to seek it out in stressful times. Your music is a gem. It is opium for the ears.
Thanks for sharing your gifts.
play hi-fi  commenting Gypsy Annie
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Cool arrangement...Almost has a spanish feel to it

No-one gets close to you on Soundclick - you're the best I've heard cos your talent is so wide ranging.

Strangest Feeling has been my song of the summer.....and it sounds just as good in the winter!
Hi there Steve, I really like your sound, no song can be called 'Lou Reed' without sounding great and I really also liked 'I know a good thing' and 'Train of thought', great melodies and atmospheres, I can hear the Brian Wilson influence in there, he's one of my favourites too!
Been a while since I've had access to a computer. Been writing a lot, and felt a little down and out so I listened to Girl on a Train, and it cheered me right up. Hope all is well.
Hey Steve,

This topic might interest you:



Your awesome!

Your New Fan...

Randee smile :)
Golden Pie - remind anyone of T Rex in their heyday? Great song!
Came by... Checked out some of your cool tunes, Steve... You just have such a very cool sound...
Hey Steve,
I never forgot about your music, but I finally remembered to check back. Girl on the Train is absolutely incredible. Keep up the great work.
I love your tunes. HOT HOT HOT!!

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