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Welcome to Clems Private Bunker Club
Whats Going This Ya Boi Aaron Styles Just Passen by Letting You know That I Got New Instrumentals up, and a Free Download, Holla at ya boi

--Aaron Styles--
Clem and Clem,
I'd say "Mainstream" is cooler than the other side of Tom Waitses's pillow,but we all know that to call something cool sucks the coolness out of it...so how about ,"Mainstream" is the Nicotine Patch on Leonard Cohenses's drinking arm.
Oh sh***,now I gotta come up with something better to describe "Armbuster".
I think I just stumbled into one of those rare mine fields of incredble music.
Thankyou guys for making my last hour here worthwhile.
liked satan's welding school. nice story song.

Chilling and bizarre... job well done!
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