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Hi everyone thanks for comming by and checking out my music,I like to say its an honor to belong to this talented musical community.If you ever get the chance to come to Cape Breton please look me up. And if you would like to hear some of the best talent in canada please visit you won't be sorry you did.
Best Regards:
Your friend in music
Lee Stewart
As always we enjoy listening to you sing. You sound so good and it is great that Josie can just click a button and hear your songs. Oh...I wish you could see the smile on her face when she hears your voice. Keep up the great work . We miss you
Overall Rating
WOW!!Love it!!! Brought tears to my eyes and chills up and down my spine!!! Excellent!!!! xo
Hi Lee,
********* Hugs ***********
Hope life is treating you kindly and keeping you busy with your music..
Just wanted to invite you to my music studio place here..... make yourself comfortable..the fridge is filled with goodies and drinks..the pool is open and the pool tables are ready for a mean sets of games..
Wishing you the best dear..
Take care my music friend..
Hey Lee,
Good to hear from ya. Happy Holidays & New Year! Craving Something Different runs the mountain stream as I stream your songs.
I enjoy the vegabond. I put it up on my accoustic station "soundclick's best" and listen to it everyday. Check out my stuff if you'd like under goodshipzion. It's a work in progress. Keep up the good tunes.
Matt C.
Hi Lee, Thanks for taking a listen to Mama's Song. I really enjoyed your songs. I sure wish my Mama was hear to sing me another song. Keep up the good work.

Hi Lee,
Just finished listening to "The Story of a Vegabond". I like it. Very good story put to very fitting melody/music. Well done.
Hey Lee,
Vagabond is lovely. As always I'm remembering what it is about. You're work is streamin' now. The sun is setting.
I've a new song Mexico(woman Dance) & a new version of Dark Lady from Trinidad. When you get time I hope you'll check them out. Summer's good. We're visiting my wife's family in Toronto at the moment. Hope you're well
Hello Lee

thanks for stopping by.
I enjoyed listening to your songs.
Keep on pickin'

To be honest, I only lodged my songs here as a place to let friends hear them.I didnt realise it was such a vast and well organised community.

best regds
Hi Lee
Just let me say your song "The Letter" has touched my soul. It is a song that not only applys to the war that's being fought today, but for all persons who have laid down their lives over the years so we can enjoy the freedom of today. I am so proud to call my friend and you deserve much :))
Lee - you have some wonderful music here. I didn't have a chance to listen to all of them - I'm at work. I'll be back for additional listens.

Just dropping to take a listen my dear friend... What awesome talent you have. I've added you to my radio stations... You have the voice to suceed in life..
Wishing you best of everything.
Keep me posted on new added songs..
I'll be back.. Until then.. take care my music friend..
The Letter brought me to an emotional burn. Tears & all. The recording is better & I could hear it all but the speakers had to be all the way up & your fine voice still was too muted. The song must be heard. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Try to get it remedied. It's important.
Stay in touch.
Lee, I really want to hear "The Letter" especially due to the tenderness & sentiment behind it. However, I have my speakers all the way up & I hear nothing. Do something with it soon. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. Let me know man.
I've been listening to Pray For The Rain.
A good song has legs, whether sittin’ or standin’, at times it needs to stretch. I hope you’ll stop by again & listen well.
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