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Excellent job, Craig!
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Bob, What a beautiful job. How many of us old rockers and folkies have caught the slack fever from Queen Lili. God bless her. My storie is much like yours. Keola, Ray, Sonny and all the great young slack players have re-inspired me to start playing again. Like coming home. Your axe sounds great and your picking smooth. Aloha and Maholo from Olympia WA.
Stacey, Also one of the first songs I mastered in Slack. Through some mutual friends I met Ray's daughter Faith, her husband Nino and their awsome kids. She has an amazing voice and they are all talented. What a treat. You sound great! Very smooth! Sweet Sistah! Keep workin on those caluses. Good luck. Larry
Good job by Dusty Foster on Mauna Loa. I like the sound! I added it to my station Nothing But Guitar. I has a lot of nice acoustic guitar music.
I just discovered your collective page & I'm thoroughly enjoying a listen through. It's so nice to hear others doing this--I, too, love slack key & have a few pieces up of slack key with National steel.


wonderful recording of "La Paloma" - always good in open G tuning. thanks!
You're on your way Andy. I'm looking forward to your 1st CD.
I love the use of the soundclick format for a collective posting like this. Great music to boot
your music is so beautiful. keep on doing what you all are doing because its wonderful
Really got a lift from "Little Grass Shack"! Thanks for recording it!!
Greetings Folks,
I've recently become a bit obsessed with Hawaiian music... thanks to learning about Braddah IZ.

Just browsed through ALL the clips you folks have posted... amazing stuff. All of it. Congrats to all of you for putting some fine licks together.

Mahalo to everyone
Thanks for all the kind ocmments. For those who enjoyed Konabob's "Ironwood Moon", he has more tracks available for listening at his Web site:
NICE. I grew up listening to alot of slack key music also. Just haven't incorporated it, into my music yet. In due time. Hui O'hana to C&K and Kalapana, Keola Beamer was some of the island music I grew up too, and of course many slack key artists. I'm another poly thats' on a mission also. My variety of style of music is some what intense. I will have cultural music up soon, but right now I'm on another trip. Nice chattin wit ya, gotta run. Much Respect N' Love 2 You N' Yours. gone

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